Chongqing Medical University-MBBS Fee 2022,Admission,Ranking

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU), originally known as Chongqing Medical College, was founded in 1956, growing out of Shanghai First Medical College (the present Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University). With nearly 60 years of development, CQMU has become a major public medical university that is jointly administrated and supported by the Ministry of Education of

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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani Students-Fee Structure 2022

Kyrgyzstan is a well known destination for Medical study in English Medium. Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia and its borders are shared with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan & China. In all these mentioned Countries, most of foreign students are interested in MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS in Uzbekistan, MD in Tajikistan, MBBS in China & MBBS/MD in

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Hebei Medical University – MBBS Fee 2021, Admissions

Hebei Medical University Shijiazhuang (PMC A Listed) Hebei Medical University Founded in 1913, located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Nearest to Beijing. Hebei Medical University is MOE Listed University of China to teach MBBS in English Medium. More than 500+ Foreign Students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other

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Hubei University of Medicine, MBBS Fee Structure 2021-2022

The Hubei University of Medicine (HUM, Chinese: 湖北医药学院) is a public university in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, China. Founded in 1965, it was originally known as Wuhan Medical College Yunyang School. The college was established in Yun County, a remote mountain area in the northwest of Hubei Province, and moved to its current location a year later. MBBS in China

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China Medical University Shenyang | MBBS Fee Structure 2021

China Medical University 中国医科大学 is located in Shenyang, Liaoning province Founded in 1931. It was the first medical school established by the Chinese Communist Party. It was the only school that had finished the entire 12,500 kilometer Long March while persisted in running the school. It was also one of the earliest schools that delivered

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Hebei North University-MBBS Fee 2022,Admission,Low Cost

Hebei North University HEBNU is a government administrated multi-faculty university, which offers Bachelor’s Degree programs and Master’s Degree programs. The University was founded in September 2003 after approval from the Ministry of Education. It is made up of three former provincially-administrated institutions of higher learning in Zhangjiakou: Zhangjiakou Medical College, Zhangjiakou Teachers’ College, Zhangjiakou Advanced

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Tashkent Medical Academy, MBBS Fee for Pakistani students 2021

MBBS/MD Language in Tashkent Medical Academy » Russian + English A brief history: Faculty of Medicine, Turkestan State University  (1919-1931). On September 7, 1920, a decree set in motion the merge of the Faculty of Medicine with the State University. Between (1921-1924) and (1924-1926), Professor KG Khrushchev and Professor MI Slonim were heads of the

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PMC New Rules for Foreign graduate Students 2021

Before applying in any foreign country for MBBS/MD Degree program, Students needs to understand what is the difference between PMC List A, List B & List C Universities. Universities are under List A are highly recommended because.... We summarize the details below step by step. So that students can understand easily. A Listed Universities by

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Tashkent Medical Academy-Urgench Branch MBBS Fee 2021

Impressive Features Urganch Campus of Tashkent Medical Academy:  Tashkent Medical Academy Urgench Branch is founded in 1992 by Ministry of Health Uzbek republic. Urgench Branch of Tashkent Medical Academy is a government university which is recognized by WHO. TMA Urgench is listed in WHED (world higher education data base) & it approved by PMC (Pakistan Medical

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