MBBS & Engineering Scholarships Admissions are Open for 2019-2020 in China Three Gorges University

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China Three Gorges University is a MOE Listed University  , approved by the Ministry of Education, Recognized by World health organization WHO, Listed by Medical Council of India MCI & Bangladesh Medical Council BMDC. The former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering (Yichang) and former Hubei Three Gorges College at June 29, 2000 through the merger. Former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering (Yichang), the predecessor of the Gezhouba Hydropower Engineering College was founded in 1978, has affiliated with Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Power Industry, 1996 with the former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric merged to form the new Wuhan Water Conservancy Electric Power University, becoming the “211 Project” an important part of the construction of the university.

The school history can be traced back to 1923. It started undergraduate education in 1978. It is the first batch of bachelor degree awarding units in the country. In 1996 , it began to hold master’s degree education. In 1998 , it began to train doctoral students. The school recruits students from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and more than 60 countries (regions), and has entered an enrollment throughout the country. The school has the right to confer doctoral degrees, has the qualifications for recommending outstanding undergraduates to study for master’s degree, the qualifications for Pre-university students, recruiting Chinese students and Chinese government scholarship students ( CSC ), and enrolling undergraduate clinical medicine (in English) for international students. Qualifications, free of charge to enroll students in Hong Kong. China Three Gorges University, School for 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and more than 20 countries (regions) enrollment, with bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree-granting, there are self-enrollment undergraduate qualifications, outstanding undergraduate Exempt graduate rights, serving officers apply for the Master qualifications. Currently, the school has become more obvious features and advantages of hydropower, comprehensive school stronger, enjoy a certain social prestige comprehensive university.

The China Three Gorges University has 29 colleges, 68 undergraduate majors, covering science, engineering, literature, medicine, economics, management, law, education, art nine disciplines, including national specialty undergraduate 5, 10 provincial-level undergraduate professional brand months; approved national program of professional education and training of outstanding engineers 7; has a national quality courses a national “five” planning materials 1, national quality video open class 1, a national brand in China to study in English Course 1. Existing two-level doctoral, 20 master’s degree level subjects, 130 secondary master disciplines, there are engineering, business administration (MBA) and translation 12 Master degree programs, there are 11 provincial key a discipline. The school has 1,984 full-time teachers, of whom 351 professors, associate professors and 811 people, 593 teachers with a doctorate; has 35 doctoral tutor, Master Instructor 937; approved national teaching team a provincial teaching Team 3; approved “Metropolis Scholars Program”.

The school has 24,285 full-time college undergraduates, postgraduates and 3,010 people, 926 students. Foreign Students from from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, ASEAN Countries, CIS Countries, ASIAN Countries, Students from Middle east, African students from Zambia, Zimbabwean, Tanzania and other African countries students are studying MBBS, Engineering, BBA, Pharmacy in China Three Gorges University. More than 30 foreign nationalities students are studying actually with more than 2000 foreign students. Admission Process in China three gorges University can be start by online portal of by follow the link  APPLY ONLINE PORTAL .The Ranking of China Three Gorges University is highest and it is one of the Famous University in Hubei province as well as in China. China Three gorges Dam is the one of the largest Dam in the world which is very attractive for foreign students. China Three Gorges university offers some kind of full and partial scholarships for foreign students in different fields of Engineering, Business, Management Courses. Hydroelectric  Engineering is the Top Rated Program running in China Three Gorges University.

Colleges of China Three gorges University CTGU :

College of Water Resources and Environment   |  School of Civil and Architectural Engineering   |  School of Mechanical and Power   |  School of Materials and Chemical Engineering   |  School of Computer and Information, School of Electrical and New Energy   |  School of Economics and Management   |  Medical school   |  School of Literature and Media  | Marxist Academy   |  School of Law and Public Administration   |  College of Science  |  School of Biology and Pharmaceuticals   |  School of  Physical Education   |  Foreign Language College   |  International Cultural Exchange College   |  National college

Impressive Features of China Three Gorges :

  1. China Three Gorges University is located in Hubei Province, Yichang City PRC.
  2. More than 2000+ Foreign Students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other Nationalities in MBBS (Clinical Medicine) , Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Software Engineering, Computer Science and other majors like business administration etc.
  3. Master (3 years Degree Program) & PHD Degree (4 years Degree) in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, mineral Engineering, Business administration (MBA) , Economics are also available in China Three Gorges University.
  4. MBBS & Engineering Syllabus of China three Gorges University is almost same as Pakistani & Indian Colleges.
  5. Separate Hostel building for Male and Female students, Male Students are not allowed to enter in female dormitory.
  6. Hostels are 2 sharing & 3 sharing (in-campus) for the international students pursuing Clinical Medicine & Engineering Degree.
  7. Muslim Canteens are available inside the campus and also very near to China Three Gorges University.

China Three Gorges University – School of Medicine (MBBS in China)

Admission Procedure & Criteria of China Three Gorges University for Pakistani & International students:

Note: Students Must have Excellent grades in HSC/Senior high School for MBBS Admission in China Three gorges university.

  • SSC Mark sheet / Junior high school document
  • HSSC Mark sheet / Senior high school (10+2) document
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One photo with white background.

Students can send these documents by applying online https://eaziline.com/online-apply/ or Send to our official Email (info@eaziline.com ) to start the procedure.

Fee Package of MBBS (Clinical Medicine), China Three Gorges Medical University 2019-2020 

Application Fee with documents = 250 U$D
Admission & Service Charges = Negotiable (Contact us)
Tuition Fee = 24000 RMB/year
Hostel Fee =  4800 RMB/ year
Residence Permit, Medical Checkup, Insurance etc. = 3000 RMB
Note : Student will pay For the Air-ticket, Books & Stationary, Electricity by themselves.

Engineering in CTGU – 04 years Bachelor Degree (English Taught)

There are two types of Scholarships in China Three Gorges University :

  1. Full Tuition Free Scholarship ( Conditional )
  2. Partial Scholarship with 1st year Tuition fee Free & onward 10,000 RMB/year  (Without Conditions)

Type # 1 – Tuition Free Scholarship ( Conditional Scholarships )

Hydroelectric & Water Resource Engineering, Civil Engineering , Public Administration, Automation Engineering , Electrical Engineering & Automation, Automation.

Admission & Service Charges = Negotiable (Contact us)
Tuition Fee (First year) = FREE
Tuition Fee (2nd year to onward) = if the student gets the scholarship according to university rules & regulations , student will pay only hostel fee per year.
Hostel Fee =  4800 RMB/ year
Residence Permit, Medical Checkup, Insurance etc. = 3000 RMB
Note : Student will pay For the Air-ticket, Books & Stationary, Electricity by themselves.

Type # 2 – Half Tuition Free Scholarship (Unconditional Scholarships)

Computer & Communication Engineering , Mechanical Engineering Materials , BBA (Bachelor in Business administration)

Admission & Service Charges = Negotiable (Contact us)
Tuition Fee (First year) = FREE
Tuition Fee (2nd year to onward) = 10,000 RMB/year
Hostel Fee =  4800 RMB/ year
Residence Permit, Medical Checkup, Insurance etc. = 3000 RMB
Note : Student will pay For the Air-ticket, Books & Stationary, Electricity by themselves.

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