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It is very important to be aware of difference between MOE-Listed and Non-Listed universities before you apply for MBBS in China. Usually any of Consultant/agent do not explain this difference to the students. So Student wishing to go China for medical study should specifically ask their consultant or clarify their queries regarding difference by their own.

» MOE China Listed Universities «

  1.  MOE Listed Universities are Directly under the Central Government of china. These Universities are WHO, WCAME & ECFMG Listed and Course Duration in these universities are 5+1=6 years of MBBS.
  2. Most Important Point to Select MOE Listed University is that these medical universities offers Medical subjects e.g Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology from the very first day in first Semester.
  3. Only MOE Listed Universities of China have legally Permitted from Ministry of education China (MOE china) to teach MBBS (bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery) Program in English Medium.
  4. There is No requirement of HSK-3 or HSK-4 to pass in first year. Because it is already allowed by Ministry of Education (MOE) china to teach MBBS in English Medium.
  5. Only MOE China Listed Universities can write (Clinical Medicine MBBS taught in English) on admission letters.
  6. MOE Listed Universities are historic and comprehensive universities of china, almost all these universities are under the Chinese project of 211 or 985, having High rankings, highly reputed in China and internationally recognized.
  7. The Fee Packages of MOE Listed Universities are comparatively high because these institutes bring as ease for international students and help them to get quality education in an understandable medium of instruction.
  8. Another factor is that the credit hours of MOE Listed universities are much more as compared to Non-Listed Universities.
  9. Follow the link for list of MOE Listed Universities (Total 45 University offering English Medium MBBS).

🟥 Note:

if admission letter issued by any MOE Listed University mentioned MBBS in Chinese Medium or HSK-4 to pass in First year, Beware please ! That university will enroll you on non-Listed seats which means you are enrolling in MBBS program with Chinese Medium.

» Non-Listed Universities «

  1. Non-Listed Universities are also WHO Recognized and under the Provincial government of China, MBBS Course Duration is same as of Listed university ( 1+4+1=6 years ) for Medical Study.
  2. In non-listed Universities students are restricted to study throughout their first year of MBBS study to Pass their HSK-3/HSK-4 (Chinese language test) before entering into medical study of (4+1) years & before graduation students needs to Pass HSK-5.
  3. It is Compulsory for them to pass HSK3/HSK4 (Chinese language test) so that they could begin their medical subjects. In case of failure in Chinese, period of 1 year and fee paid for the first year will be wasted. In fact students are bound to Pass HSK-5 before the graduation. Only after Passing HSK-5 Students can get the Degree.
  4. Non-listed Universities offer their program in Bilingual/Chinese Medium (Chinese + English).
  5. Non-Listed universities can not write English Medium on their admission & Visa Letter letters. Because these universities are restricted by their Ministry to have Chinese medium of instruction.
  6. The Main Difference: Non-Listed Universities have Low cost tuition fee as compared to MOE Listed Universities but the fact is that students are asked to pass their HSK-4 (Chinese Language Test with Level 4) by the end of first year & HSK-5 before getting the degree of MBBS.
  7. Risk Involved: Students remains at risk in case of law enforcement (by Ministry of Education China). Because Chinese ministry of education clearly asked Non-Listed Universities to teach their students in Chinese language only.
  8. According to Pakistani Medical Commission (PMC) Pakistani student can apply in Chinese Universities those are in PMC’s Green A List & After graduation students are eligible for PMC/NLE Exam.

Our Suggestion:

On the basis of following facts, we strongly recommend MOE LISTED Universities to Pakistani & international students:

  1. MOE LISTED universities are Risk Free because their legal medium of instruction is ENGLISH.
  2. MOE LISTED universities are operated in accordance to the relevant laws and regulations of MOE China, Hence policy change will not affect the career of Listed University’s students.
  3. Students of MOE LISTED universities will have sufficient time span to cover their syllabus i.e. 5years.
  4. MOE Listed Universities are part of 211 and 985 projects, which provides latest equipment, research and medical practice facilities.
  5. MOE LISTED universities have highest PMC (Formerly named as PMDC) passing ratio then other universities with highest number of qualified FCPS qualified professionals.

EaziLine International is a renowned and well-established admission agency working in China & Pakistan. It is the only official admission agency in Pakistan which signed contracts directly with 02 MOE-Listed Universities of China. We are officially dealing MOE-Listed Universities since 2011 by starting with Shihezi University.

We always suggested MOE-Listed universities to our students and provide them up-to-date information about listed universities. We enlighten them with what it takes to live and study in abroad. We serve the students by guiding them that how they can get better medical education throughout their MBBS Degree so that they could pass Medical Licensing Exams in their very 1st attempt.

EaziLine International is owned and managed by individuals with proven credential in this field. Thus, our enrolled students have already done their graduation, passed PMDC’s exams with FCPS-1 and now they are serving in reputed hospitals of Pakistan. Even a number of students are working globally to pursue their dreams. You can contact us to know more about our services. Thank you !

Here are some details of MOE Listed English Medium Universities.

1. Shihezi University | Website :

Shihezi University is a government owned Listed University by MOE China for MBBS Clinical Medicine Degree students in English Medium (Since 2002) & ranked 28 in the list of Top 45 MOE Listed universities of China. It is Green A listed in PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) & WHED (world higher education data base) by HEC Pakistan.

    1. MBBS English taught Course Duration is 5 years Medical Education + 1 year internship = (5+1) 6 years.
    2. 12 batches of Pakistani, Students from India, Bangladesh & foreign Students have been graduated from Shihezi University School of medicine with Best Results in PMDC/PMC, MCI, BMDC Exam.
    3. Shihezi University have highly qualified faculty for Medical subjects and shihezi university have best foreign Pakistani teacher & foreign expert Dr. Azeem Inayat, he is specialist in physiology.
    4. Maximum students have been passed PM&DC’s NEB/NLE Exam also FCPS – 1 & FCPS- 11 and working in Reputable hospitals of Pakistan, India and abroad especially in Europe & middle east.
    5. More then 450 Foreign Students are Studying in Shihezi University in MBBS Program & Masters, PHD Degree in Medicine & Agriculture subjects in which more than 150 students are Pakistani girls & Boys.
    6. Shihezi University is Listed by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Bangladesh Medical Council (BMDC). It is also recognized by WHO, MOE, IMED, FAIMER, AVICENNA, PMDC (approved).
    7. Because of MBBS English Medium Approval from MOE China, Shihezi University starts Medical Education from the very first day, There is no requirement of HSK-4 to pass in First year, which is a positive aspect for foreign students those wants to get admission in Shihezi University for Medicine Study. On admission letter there is properly mentioned English taught MBBS Clinical Medicine.
    8. Shihezi University is Located in Muslim Inhabited area of Xinjiang Province that’s why there is no Problem of Halal Muslim food at all and for students it is economical as compared to other provinces of China.
    9. Just 2.40 hours Direct Flight from Islamabad to Urumqi ( Capital of Xinjiang Province ).
    10. Shihezi University is Extra Safe, Secure with Strict environment for Students Especially for Girls.
    11. Tuition Fee of Shihezi University is 30,000 RMB per year & Hostel fee is 5000 RMB per year which are quite affordable Fee for Pakistani, Indians, Bangladeshi, Overseas Pakistani & international students.
    12. Dormitory or Hostels arranged by shihezi university are furnished and well equipped for international students.
    13. Shihezi city is less expensive and no doubt it is ideal place for students to complete their medical education.
    14. Shihezi University is offering PG Scholarships through Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).
      Students can apply in almost every kind of PG Program offered by Shihezi University and our university will prefer our Ex-students those are graduated from Shihezi University firstly and after that talented students graduated from only the MOE Listed University of China.
    15. PG post graduation in Medicine related programs and Agriculture under CSC Scholarships are running Successfully in Shihezi University.

2. Ningxia Medical University:

Ningxia Medical University NXMU 宁夏医科大学 Founded in 1958, Located in Yinchuan City of Ningxia Province. Ningxia Medical University covers an area of nearly 833,000 ㎡ and the construction area of 293,200 ㎡, which includes old campus and new campus. It is the only higher medical school in Ningxia.

In the long-term running of the school, the school always adheres to teaching as the center, taking undergraduate education as the main body, continuously intensifying teaching management, actively deepening teaching reforms, striving to strengthen the teaching infrastructure, continuously improving the level of undergraduate teaching work, and continuously improving the quality of personnel training. The university consists of 17 secondary schools, 11 teaching & scientific research assistant departments, 11 affiliated hospitals, 59 teaching hospitals and training hospitals.

Ningxia university hospitals have more perfect system, there are 12 affiliated hospitals (affiliated hospitals 2 Suo, affiliated hospital 3 Institute), 17 teaching hospital, 50 more than The practice hospital and practical teaching base. The General Hospital is the largest comprehensive Grade A++ hospital in Ningxia. It is a regional medical, scientific research, education, examination, and training center.

Ningxia Medical University is a MOE Listed University which is approved by Ministry of education China for English taught MBBS. Ningxia Medical University is Listed by MCI & BMDC for English Medium MBBS. It is Best University of China for Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Indian students for Medical study in English Medium. It has 17 undergraduate majors and 5 nation-leveled characteristic specialties; 3 first level disciplines conferring the Doctor’s Degree, 8 first-level disciplines conferring the Master’s Degree. There are 7000 teaching staffs and health care workers in Ningxia Medical University, and 32% of them have doctor degree. At present, there are over 26,000 students in the university, including 9700 full-time students and More than 320 international students coming from Korea, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, CIS, ASEAN and African countries.

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