Gannan Medical University (GMU) 赣南医学院  is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province founded in 1941, it is very near to Guangzhou. GMU developed to be Gannan Medical Technical School in 1958 and Gannan Medical College in 1988, and started to recruit undergraduates. GMU enjoyed the bachelor degree authorization in 1993 and the master’s in 2013, and started to recruit graduates in 2014. GMU is the sole undergraduate medical university in Jiangxi province.

Gannan Medical University is a government university founded in 1941. It is Near to Guangzhou. It is approved by PMC. Gannan Medical University have foreign faculty as well to teach Medical Subjects in English. 500+ international students are studying MBBS in English. GMU have 11 affiliated hospitals (3 Directly and 8 indirectly) for Clinical Practice.

Why MBBS in Gannan:

  1. Gannan Medical University is Recognized by WHO (world health organization), Approved by PMC Pakistan Medical Commission  (Former PMDC).
  2. Graduated students from Gannan Medical University are eligible to apply for USMLE (America), PLAB (GMC England), AMC (Australia) & ECFMG Certifications.
  3. Gannan Medical University is offering MBBS in China Since many years. More than 04 batches of international students have been graduated.
  4. More than 800+ International Students from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and other Nationalities in Clinical Medicine MBBS.
  5. Gannan Medical University is offering Performance based Scholarship of 5000 RMB  to 20,000 RMB to the excellent students at this end of every year.
  6. MBBS Syllabus of Gannan Medical University is almost same as Pakistani, Indian Medical Colleges.
  7. Hostels are furnished for international students which are in-campus and owned by university administration.
  8. Muslim Canteens are available inside the campus and also very near to Gannan Medical University.

Admission Requirements:

  • Student must be under the age of 25 years.
  • Student Must have More than 65% marks in HSSC Pre-Medical/A-Levels/Grade 12.
  • Interview will be taken by the University officials on Skype and Accepted candidate will get the Admission Letter by GMU.

Submit following documents to us in clear scan form to start admission process in Gannan Medical University or students can apply through Online Portal to process application.

  • Matric/SSC Document
  • FSc/HSSC Mark sheet
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One Digital photo with white background.
  • Filled application Form
  • Applicant Assessment Form
  • Signed Fee Package in Scan

Gannan Medical University Fee Structure for Pakistani and International Students 2023:

Degree Awarding = MBBS (5+1 years Degree)
HSK Exam Policy :
First year will be Chinese language study and students needs to pass HSK-4 (Chinese proficiency test) Before the end of 3rd year to continue the medical study in Gannan Medical University.
Application Fee = 1000 RMB (non-refundable)
Fee Description First Year 2nd-6th Year
Tuition Fee Included 25,000 RMB
Hostel Fee Included 4,000 RMB
Management Charges etc. Included NIL
Insurance,Visa Extension Included 1000 RMB
Total in RMB 35,000 RMB 30,000 RMB
Total in USD (approx.) $5400 $4600
Special Notes:
  • All the Fee Must be paid in Chinese Yuan (RMB), Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Student will pay Admission & Management charges to Consultant’s admission office which are non-refundable after registration in university.
  • Student will pay the Fee in Chinese Yuan on arrival otherwise hostel will not allot to the student.
  • Food, Air Ticket, Electricity, other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the fee package.
  • Student will follow the rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and MOE China as well.

For Admissions in Gannan Medical University:

EaziLine International (Authorized admission office)

Rawalpindi Pakistan (Head office)

Malik M.Touqeer | +92-333-5558461
Office # 0334-5558461, Landline # 051-5491141
Address : 304-G, First floor, Amna plaza, Main Peshawar road, Near Maryam Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Lahore Pakistan (Branch office)
Malik M. Hafeez #+92-333-5559873
Office # 0303-5559873
Address : Office # G-29, Garden heights, Opposite Mughal-e-Azam Fort, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

China office Address:
300 Xueshi Lu, Hanpu Science and Education Zone, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan China.
300 学士路含浦岳麓区长沙湖南中国
WhatsApp # +86-15580806357, E-mail:,  Wechat 微信 : EaziLineCN

Details of Gannan Medical University:

Gannan Medical College is recognized by World health organization (WHO), Ministry of Education China, UNSECO & Chinese Medical Association & graduates are eligible for ECFMG certification. Gannan Medical University is accepting the foreign students from all over the world, Students are mainly from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, African countries, Malaysia, Russia & Arabic countries for MBBS in China.

More than 500 International students are studying Medicine program taught in English, Students from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle east, ASEAN countries, Asian Countries, African Countries. Gannan Medical University have some kind of performance based scholarships for international students. Medical Syllabus is Entirely based on USMLE, PLAB , PMDC , MCI.

Gannan Medical University has 23 undergraduate majors and 16 college majors which cover Medicine, Science, Engineering, Literature, Law, Management and Education. The school actively carried out foreign exchanges and cooperation, established an overseas teaching base at the Lincoln Memorial University in the United States, and established successively with Korean universities such as Daegu Han Medicine University, the US North Texas Health Center and the German Heart Center (Berlin) and other foreign institutions and medical institutions. Cooperation relationship.

Affiliated Hospitals:

GMU has 11 affiliated hospitals (3 directly affiliated ones and 8 indirectly affiliated ones), 1 provincial 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, 1 provincial postdoctoral innovation and practice base (provincial post-doctoral research station), 2 key university disciplines of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, 1 key provincial laboratory, 1 provincial engineering and technology research center, 2 key provincial university laboratories, 1 key provincial university research base for humanities and social sciences, 1 provincial soft science research base, 1 leading provincial medical discipline.


Gannan Medical University has two campuses, Zhanggong Campus and Huangjin Campus, which cover more than 800,000 square meters and 300,000 square meters of gross floor area. GMU enjoys 2 national distinguished majors, 2 educational training programs for outstanding doctors of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of P.R. China, GMU has 15 excellent provincial university courses, 3 provincial bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 17 provincial high quality resources sharing classes and 1 provincial online open project construction course of high-quality resources. GMU currently has 10,510 undergraduates, 1,605 college students, 145 graduates, 469 overseas students and 21,460 students majoring in adult education. With a number of moderately-sized, well-structured, high-quality faculties, GMU has 1,316 teachers and workers.

Why Study Medicine in China ?

China has one of the ancient civilization and culture known to man to about 40,000 years now and still in existence which has been imparted into their new era of Modern Clinical Medicine. MBBS means Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, the degree conferred to medical students upon graduation of the undergraduate program. The avenue to study this MBBS course in china was opened to International students in the year 2002.

MBBS in China has a total duration of 06 years with a one year internship inclusive. With a curriculum based in English medium which is approved by international bodies such as WHO and UNESCO,  also has approved and trusted universities by various countries dental council such as GMDC, PMDC, HPCSA, MCI and BMDC.

Studies of MBBS Clinical Medicine in China is on par with most top notch western medical universities and has one of the most affordable cost of tuition and living expenses due to the Chinese government partnership with medical universities to subsidize cost.

Studying and living in China is cheaper than studying and living in European countries, the UK, U.S, Japan, South Korea and many other countries. Food and other commodities in China are as affordable as it gets. A good pair of jeans sells for 10-20 U.S. dollars; the bus fare only 15 cents, and a subway ticket in Beijing only 30 cents, everything is more than affordable in China.

Even in other parts of Asia studying is not cheap. Japan boasts high living expenses soaring up to 1800 dollars a month, while South Korea is one of the world’s five most expensive countries for foreign residents.

China has been the world’s fastest growing country for the past 30 years even during the financial crisis; China’s economic growth has maintained a level of 8%, a pace unthinkable in other countries. China’s GDP recently surpassed Japan’s, the world’s top 500 companies are doing business in China, with many choosing to base their Asia-Pacific headquarters in the bustling Chinese cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

The current rise of China has made it very clear that people who can speak Chinese and have firsthand experience of living in China have the upper hand. China serves as a huge market for multinational corporations, and employers are well aware that a real understanding of China, Chinese culture, and Chinese people.

China is striving to build more world-class universities, and investing heavily in higher education. Aside from China’s unique Chinese language, calligraphy, martial arts and other cultural subjects, Chinese degree programs in majors such as engineering, science, medicine, economics and trade, MBA as well as finance are highly revered. As for those who don’t know any Chinese, many universities offer degree programs taught in English, so you can earn your degree while learning the most widely spoken language in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) !

Is HSK-4 Compulsory to Pass in 1st year in Gannan Medical University ?

Student needs to pass HSK-4 before 3rd year of study in Gannan Medical University. So, HSK-4 is not compulsory to pass in first year.

Is Gannan Medical University Recognized by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) ?

Yes, Gannan Medical University is approved by PMC. MBBS Degree by Gannan Medical University is internationally recognized. Students can apply for USMLE, PLAB, GMC, AMC and other licensing exams as well.

What is the Tuition fee of Gannan Medical University for MBBS ?

MBBS Tuition Fee of Gannan Medical University is 25,000 RMB/Year or $3800/Year. MBBS Degree Duration is 6 years which included 5 years of Medical Study and 1 year of Internship.

Is Gannan Medical University offering Scholarship in MBBS ?

Gannan Medical University offers Scholarships to excellent student starts from 5000 RMB to 15000 RMB at the end of every year which are performance based. Students needs to follow the rules and regulations to get these scholarships awarded by Gannan Medical University.

Is Gannan Medical University Safe ?

Ganzhou City is very safe and secure for international students. University have inside campus hostels for international students. Security Cameras are installed everywhere to provide Secure environment. More than 500 international students from different countries are studying right now.

Have Gannan Medical University have Foreign Faculty ?

Gannan Medical University have Mostly Chinese Faculty. GMU University have Foreign teachers from Bangladesh and India as well.

How about the food expenses in Gannan Medical University ?

Gannan Medical University is located in Ganzhou City, which is economical for international students. Food expenses are approx. 800-1000 RMB/Month. So it is budget friendly for international students.