Hubei Polytechnic University 湖北理工学院 is a government university Founded in 1975, located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province. The school covers an area of ​​1.46 million square meters, with a school building area of ​​665,000 square meters. HBPU started its undergraduate program in 1977. It has a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery. It is known as the most beautiful campus.

Worldwide Accreditations:

Hubei Polytechnic University is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), ECFMG, PMDC, WFME, and WCME. Graduated students from Hubei Polytechnic University can apply for USMLE, UKMLA/PLAB, GMC, AMC, and almost all the medical licensing examinations to practice Medicine around the globe. Students from Pakistan can apply for the NRE Exam soon after completing the Six-year MBBS Degree from Hubei Polytechnic University.

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) and Cost:

Hubei Polytechnic University offers the cheapest cost Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Program for international students. The Cost of Medicine study at Hubei Polytechnic University is 18,000 RMB/year ($2600) including Tuition and Dormitory costs. The Clinical Medicine Program consists of Six years of Medicine Program which includes the first year of the Chinese language (Mandarin) and five years of Clinical Medicine.

Hubei Polytechnic University offers Scholarships for international students by the end of every academic year ranging from 2000 RMB to 5000 RMB depending on the performance of the medical students.

International Students:

In 2015, Hubei Polytechnic University enrolled the first batch of international students from Pakistan in the Clinical Medicine Program. As of March 2024, Hubei Polytechnic University enrolled 600 international students in the Medicine Program. International Students enrolled in the Clinical Medicine Program are from more than 20 nationalities including Pakistan, Indonesia, Morroco, Nigeria, Vietnam, Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Mauritius, Lesotho, and others.

Faculty and Students:

The Hubei Polytechnic University has 18,243 full-time undergraduate and junior college students, including 220 international students. The school currently has 1,105 full-time teachers, including 115 full-time professors, 343 associate professors and associate professors, 328 doctors, and 624 masters.

The school has a collection of more than 1.2 million books, 19 electronic resource databases (including 3.0488 million electronic books), the school’s existing fixed assets totaling 1.256 billion yuan, teaching and scientific research equipment totaling 203 million yuan, and sports facilities are complete.

Programs Available:

The school has 21 teaching departments, with 8 disciplines of engineering, science, economics, management, Clinical Medicine, literature, teaching, and arts, and 56 undergraduate enrollment majors. The “Clinical Medicine” discipline will enter the top 1% of the ESI global ranking in 2021, which is an important symbol of the school’s international academic level and discipline influence.

School of Medicine:

The medical school of Hubei Polytechnic University was founded in 1976, formerly known as the Huangshi Branch of Hubei Medical College. It enrolled two senior medical classes (undergraduates) in 1977 and 1978.

The School of Medicine has 4 functional departments including the Department of Basic Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and the Department of Medical Laboratory. The Medical School has 2000 Students including Foreign Students. The medical school currently has 79 faculty members, including 57 full-time teachers. There are 11 teachers with senior professional titles and 17 with deputy senior professional titles.

Affiliated Hospitals:

Hubei Polytechnic University has 4 affiliated hospitals, of which the affiliated Huangshi Central Hospital, the affiliated Huangshi Aikang Hospital, and the affiliated Huangshi Maternal and Child Health Hospital are the third-level general hospitals, and the affiliated Daye City People’s Hospital is the third-level hospital. There are also 4 teaching hospitals, 7 practice hospitals, 6 community health practice bases, 2 standardized training bases for national residents, and 2 standardized training bases for residents in Hubei Province.

Admission Requirments:

International students interested in applying for Clinical Medicine (MBBS) must have a minimum score of 60% marks in Senior High School/WAEC/A-Levels. The age limit to apply is 16-23. Hubei Polytechnic University is well known Non-MOE Listed Medical University in China with the lowest fees and the teaching method is English. IELTS and TOEFL are not required to apply to Hubei Polytechnic University.

HSK Exam Policy:

In the first academic year, international students who are applying to the Medicine program at Hubei Polytechnic University are required to study the first year of the Chinese language (Mandarin). Additionally, they must pass the HSK-4 examination to continue to the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) degree, which is a five-year program. Before graduation, HSK-5 is compulsory to receive the MBBS Degree.

Hubei Polytechnic University MBBS Fee Structure for Pakistani and International Students 2024:

Hubei Polytechnic University is one of the medical schools in China offering the Lowest fee Medicine Program for international students. MBBS fee is 18,000 RMB/year which is approx $2600/year which includes Tuition and accommodation. The teaching Medium in (Chinese and English). The school has qualified teaching faculty to teach the Medicine syllabus in English.

Total Seats = 80
Degree Awarding = Clinical Medicine
Degree Duration = 1+5 years (First year Chinese + 5 years MBBS)

MBBS Fee Description Fee Per Year
Application Fee 1000 RMB (one time)
Registration Fee 500 RMB (One time)
Tuition Fee 15000 RMB/year
Hostel Fee 3000 RMB/year
Visa Extension 400 RMB/year
Medical Checkup 500 RMB/year
Insurance fee 800 RMB/year

Special Notes:

  1. Students will pay the Fee on Arrival in Chinese Yuan (RMB).
  2. Management and admission Service charges are not included in the above Fee Package.
  3. Food Expenses, Air tickets & Electricity Charges are not included in the fee package.
  4. Pakistani Students will follow the rules and Regulations of PM&DC & Hubei Polytechnic University.

How to apply in Hubei Polytechnic University:

International Students interested in applying for the Medicine Program (MBBS) at Hubei Polytechnic University can start the admission process by Applying Online. Our admission office will contact the students with all the necessary details. Here are the details of the documents required to apply to HBPU.

  • Application Form
  • SSC Certificate (grade 10)
  • HSSC/A-Levels/WAEC or Senior High School Certificate (grade 12)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate (non-criminal certificate)
  • One Digital photo with a white background
  • Financial Statement of Guardian

For Admissions to Hubei Polytechnic University Contact:

EaziLine International (admission office)

China Office Address:
300 Xueshi Lu, Hanpu Science and Education Zone, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan China.
300 学士路含浦岳麓区长沙湖南中国
WhatsApp # +86-15580806357, E-mail:,  Wechat 微信 : EaziLineCN

Rawalpindi (Pakistan office):
Malik M. Touqeer | +92-333-5558461
Office # 0334-5558461, Landline # 051-8777345
Address: 304-G, First floor, Amna Plaza, Main Peshawar Road, Near Maryam Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Lahore (Pakistan office):
Malik M. Hafeez #+92-333-5559873
Office # 0303-5559873
Address: Office # 604, Garden Heights, Opposite Mughal-e-Azam Fort, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ?

Is Hubei Polytechnic University is Recognized by PMDC ?

Yes. Hubei Polytechnic University is a government university that is approved by PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council). It is A Listed university in PMC as well. Pakistani students are eligible to apply for PMDC’s NRE exam after getting an MBBS Degree from Hubei Polytechnic University.

Is HSK-4 Required in Hubei Polytechnic University to Start the Clinical Medicine Study ?

Yes. It is compulsory to pass HSK-4 in the First year to promote an MBBS Study of 5 years which includes an internship as well.

What is the fee structure of MBBS in Hubei Polytechnic University for Pakistani students ?

Hubei Polytechnic University has the lowest Fee for MBBS in China for Pakistani and international students. MBBS fee is 18,000 RMB/Year ($2600) equals to approx. 8 Lakh Pakistani Rupee per year. So, Hubei Polytechnic University has the lowest fee for Clinical Medicine (MBBS) study in China.

Is Hubei Polytechnic University is good for Pakistani students ?

Yes. It is one of the best MBBS Universities for Pakistani students having a low fee structure. Many foreign students are studying Medicine at Hubei Polytechnic University. International students are mainly from Pakistan, Indonesia, Africa, and Arabic Countries.

Is Hubei Polytechnic University offering Scholarships for International students ?

Yes. Hubei Polytechnic University is offering Performance-based MBBS Scholarships at the end of every academic year. Admission-based MBBS Scholarship is not available all over China. Beware of such kind of fake information.

How many affiliated hospitals Hubei Polytechnic University have ?

Hubei Polytechnic University has 4 affiliated hospitals. There are also 4 teaching hospitals, 7 practice hospitals, 6 community health practice bases, 2 standardized training bases for national residents, and 2 standardized training bases for residents in Hubei Province.

Is there any Campus of Hubei Polytechnic University in Pakistan ?

No. Hubei Polytechnic University does have not a campus in Pakistan. Beware of the fake information.

If i have HSK-4 degree, Can i get admission in 2nd year in Hubei Polytechnic University ?

Yes. If the student has already an HSK-4 Degree, the university can accept the student in 2nd year as a 5-year study of the MBBS Program. Student needs to pay the Migration Charges as well. Student needs to submit their complete documents including the HSK-4 Certificate up to the 10th of September every year.

What is the admission criteria to apply for MBBS in Hubei Polytechnic University ?

Students must have a minimum of 60% marks in Senior High School (grade 12)/A-Levels/WAEC to apply for the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Program. The age limit to apply is 16 to 23 years. There is no entrance exam as well.