Jiangsu University is a highly ranked and prestigious doctoral research university located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, PRC. Jiangsu University (JSU) was founded in 1902 sharing the same root with Nanjing University, Southeast University, etc. and has developed to be a national comprehensive key university.

Top Ranking:

There are more than 2,600 universities in Chinese Mainland. According to ESI Ranking, JSU rose from 65 in 2016 to 46 in 2021 in the general ranking among Chinese Mainland’s universities. In THE World University Ranking 2021, JSU ranked 58 of all universities in Chinese Mainland, and in QS Asian University Ranking 2021, JSU ranked 48. 9 disciplines have been ranked as top 1% globally in ESI.


Jiangsu University is a MOE Listed University that is approved by the Ministry of Education China for English-taught MBBS. Jiangsu Medical University is Approved by PMDC & A-List University by Pakistan Medical Commission. Jiangsu University is approved by National Medical Commission of India NMC, MCI & Bangladesh Medical Council BMDC for English Medium MBBS.

Jiangsu University is one of the Top Ranking Medical School  for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Africans & Indian students for Medical study in English Medium. Graduates of Jiangsu University are eligible to apply for USMLE, PLAB, AMC, GMC, FMGE, ECFMG Certifications.


Staff & Students:

Jiangsu University has over 5,700 staff members, among which more than 2,700 are faculty members, including 540 professors. 71% of them have got senior professional titles and over 37% have more than one year of overseas experience. The current total enrollment of full-time students amounts to over 40,000, including 13,000 plus postgraduates and 3,000 plus international students.


Jiangsu offers 97 undergraduate programs, 213 master programs, and 64 PhD programs. The programs cover 12 academic fields: Engineering, Agriculture, Science, Medicine, Management, Economics, Medicine, Law, Education, Literature, Art and History. The university has 13 post-doctoral research stations.


To encourage excellent students to study at Jiangsu University (JSU) and further activate the international students’ potential, JSU provides scholarship for international students getting registered for degree programs. This Scholarship is not available for medicine program, but for the engineering and for other different programs students can apply. Jiangsu university have different categories for Scholarship, which are

  • Chinese Govt. Scholarship (CSC)
  • International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship
  • JSU Presidential Scholarship
  • JSU School Scholarships
  • OEC Scholarship for Excellent Students
  • OEC Scholarship for Social Contributors
  • Other Enterprise Scholarships

MBBS Fees (English Taught):

MBBS Fee of Jiangsu University School of Medicine is 39,000 RMB/Year ($6000/year) which includes tuition and hostel for one year. if we Calculate in Pakistani Rupee it is PKR 16 Lakh per year. Jiangsu School of Medicine is one of the best medical school in Nanjing and even in China. 500+ international students are already studying Medicine in English Medium.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student must have Minimum 70% marks in HSSC/Senior High School.
  • Student must be healthy and good in health.
  • Age limit to apply in Jiangsu University is 16-25 years.

Jiangsu University MBBS Fee Structure for Pakistani & International Students September 2023:

Degree Awarding = Clinical Medicine (MBBS)
Teaching Medium = English
Degree Duration = 5+1 years (05 years MBBS + 1 year Internship)

Application + Registration Fee = 2000 RMB (non-refundable)
Fee Description First Year 2nd year to Onwards
Tuition Fee 34,000 RMB 34,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB 5000 RMB
Management Charges etc. 13,500 RMB NIL
Insurance,Visa Extension 2100 RMB 2100 RMB
Total in RMB 54,600 RMB 41,100 RMB
Total in USD $8000 $6000
Special Notes:
  1. Student will pay the Fee in Chinese Yuan on arrival otherwise hostel will not allot to the student.
  2. Food Expenses, Air Ticket & Electricity Charges are not included in the fee package.
  3. Pakistani Student will follow the rules and Regulations of PMC & Jiangsu University.
  4. Indian Students will follow the rules and regulations of National Medical Commission NMC India.

How to apply for MBBS in Jiangsu University:

Submit following documents to us in clear scan form to start admission process in Medical School of Jiangsu University. Students can also online apply to process the application.

  • Application Form
  • SSC Mark sheet (grade 10)
  • HSSC Mark sheet (grade 12)
  • English Proficiency Letter or IELTS/TOEFL
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One Digital photo with white background
  • Bank/Financial Statement
  • Applicant Assessment form
  • Signed Fee Package of JSU by applicant

For Admissions in Jiangsu University Contact us:

EaziLine International (Admission Consultant)

Rawalpindi (Pakistan office):
Malik M. Touqeer | +92-333-5558461
Office # 0334-5558461, Landline # 051-5491141
Address : 304-G, First floor, Amna plaza, Main Peshawar road, Near Maryam Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Website: https://eaziline.com/

Lahore (Pakistan office):
Malik M. Hafeez #+92-333-5559873
Office # 0303-5559873
Address : Office # G-29, Garden heights, Opposite Mughal-e-Azam Fort, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

China office Address:
300 Xueshi Lu, Hanpu Science and Education Zone, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan China.
300 学士路含浦岳麓区长沙湖南中国
WhatsApp # +86-15580806357, E-mail: info@eaziline.com,  Wechat 微信 : EaziLineCN

School of Medicine, Jiangsu University 医学院:

Since 2005, Medical school has established a system to recruit international students for MBBS program from undergraduate clinical medicine specialty (English teaching). At present, the education of foreign students has covered three levels: undergraduate, master and Ph.D. The total number of students has reached 452.

The College attaches great importance to the education of foreign students. Under the leadership of the dean and with the assistance of the dean in charge, an office for the management of international student’s education (one full-time director, one staff member and two part-time teachers) will be set up to guide the activities of international student’s associations and medical Chinese training, so as to jointly do a good job in the management of international medical students education in China. 

After more than ten years’ development, MBBS has formed distinct characteristics in teaching concept, teaching mode, and teaching practice. Its teaching effect has been unanimously affirmed by foreign students and praised by colleagues both inside and outside the school. MBBS ranked 10th in the evaluation of the Ministry of Education in 2016.

In addition to successfully completing their learning tasks, MBBS students also actively participate in scientific research activities, community activities, and cultural exchanges. MBBS students independently set up associations such as the International Association of Medical Students (IMSA), and jointly organized academic forums and lectures with foreign students from other universities and Chinese students from our university to promote academic exchanges (Synapse activities, White coat activities).

Jiangsu University offers a Six-year long MBBS program, Including one year internship. The premedical stage addresses not only much of science that underpins medicine, but also the clinical problems that arise when systems fail. Students are introduced to study the major systems of the bodies and their structures. Moreover, they are encouraged to develop an enquiring approach to consider the experimental basis of the course and understand matters of clinical relevance. During the clinical stage, students will have the experience of hospital learning and spend much time with patients.


  • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • School of Agricultural Engineering
  • School of Automotive and Traffic Engineering
  • School of Energy and Power Engineering
  • School of Materials Science & Engineering
  • School of Electrical and Information Engineering
  • School of Food & Biological Engineering
  • School of the Environment and Safety Engineering
  • School of Computer Science and Communications Engineering
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • School of Physics and Electronic Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering & Mechanics
  • School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  • School of Management
  • School of Finance & Economics


Jiangsu University has been promoting high-level research. In the recent 5 years, the total scientific research fund amounts to 4.106 billion RMB, sponsored by governments and enterprises. Since 2016, JSU has succeeded in applying for 847 projects in total from the National Natural Science Foundation, ranking among the top 50 universities in Chinese Mainland for six consecutive years.


Apartment A-G and Overseas Students’ Apartment accommodate all undergraduates and postgraduates at home and abroad. Every apartment building is equipped with coin-operated automatic washing machine and air-conditioning. There are some free services such as needle and thread package, inflating service, micro-wave oven and hair-dryer, etc.

One-stop service is offered in Overseas Students’ Apartment. The information of all sections is provided in both Chinese and English and all reception staff use English and Mandarin to communicate with them. There are numerous services such as the POS settlement, one-time bill, passenger services to meet guests, message, stationery, mail collecting, price list, and accommodating notice, and tourism services.

Food & Dining:

We have 15 canteens and specialty restaurants in the main campus and Jingjiang college, including Dongshan food plaza, Xi shan food plaza, Run Jiang Yuan western restaurant etc. Here you can enjoy different cuisines of China and abroad. Besides healthy and delicious food, the tidy environment, preferential price of the dishes is also attractive. Wish you have a great dining time.


Jiangsu University’s Sport Facilities consist of Main Campus Gym, Zhongshan Gym, Dongshan Playground, Xishan Playground, Jingjiang Playground, 6 Outdoor Tennis Courts, 2 Sand Beach Volleyball Grounds, 40 Basketball and Volleyball Courts, a Roller-Skating Field, an Indoor Swimming pool and an Outdoor Swimming pool.

As the symbolic building of Jiangsu University, the main campus gym covers an area of 13,800m2. On the ground floor, there are table tennis hall, bowling room, bodybuilding room and martial arts room. The main competition area is on the second floor with nearly 3000 seats. The main campus gym is the training venue of the National Youth Volleyball Team under General Administration of Sport of China.

International Collaboration:

JSU gives priorities to internationalization, encouraging faculty members and students to go abroad for further studies, inviting more global talents to join for mutual benefits, promoting international research collaboration as well as recruiting more overseas students.

By August 2021, JSU has set up cooperation partnership with 207 universities in 54 countries and regions, among which several well-known universities are included, like University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The University of Queensland, Macquarie University, University of New South Wales, The University of Western Australia, University of Amsterdam, Aarhus University, RWTH Aachen University, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, The University of Padua, etc.

In 2020, JSU made a major breakthrough in the field of Sino-foreign joint education. Besides the joint education program with Arcadia University (the United States), which allowed 253 undergraduates to study in the US for a dual degree since 2012.

Welcome to the Best Medical School in Jiangsu Province China.