China, the world’s second-largest economy, is currently the perfect destination for international students to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree.

The main reasons for selecting the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) program are the combination of Low Tuition fees and a high standard of medical education offered in English. Every year thousands of international students from over 200 countries choose China to study Medicine in China.

What do you need to become a Doctor from China:

Upon finishing their final year of Senior high school/WAEC or grade 12, international students think about how to become an MBBS Doctor from China. The following are a few additional inquiries that students or their families are thinking about:

  1. How to start the admission process in China?
  2. What will be the Cost of Medicine Program in China?
  3. How to Select a Suitable and Best Medical School in China?
  4. What will be the admission requirements?
  5. Am I qualified to Study Medicine in China in English?
  6. What is the process for paying my tuition and accommodation expenses in China?

Why Study Medicine (MBBS) in China:

Here, we will present comprehensive information regarding the admission procedures and criteria for admission in China. It will explain all the Factors related to “How to Become a Doctor from China.”

Globally Recognized MBBS Degree:

Chinese Universities offer the Bachelor in Medicine Program in English Medium and it is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), WFME, and IMED. The MBBS Degree is approved by the PMDC (Pakistan), NMC (India), BMDC (Bangladesh), SLMC (Srilanka), and INAMC (Indonesia).

Graduated students from any WCAME accredited Medical School are eligible to apply for the USMLE (America), PLAB/UKMLA, GMC (England), AMC (Australia), and ECFMG to practice medicine abroad.

MBBS Cost and Degree:

The cost of Medicine Study in China ranges from $3000 to $7000 per year depending upon the student’s selection of a medical school and, most importantly, the admission criteria they meet. The Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Degree is a six-year program that includes the final year of clinical internship.

Registration Fee:

To apply for a Medicine Program (MBBS) in China, the Student has to pay a Registration fee of 500 RMB-1000 RMB Depending on the School selected by the Student.

How to pay the tuition:

International Students can pay the tuition and accommodation fee on arrival in China in Chinese Yuan (RMB). Some Universities have a policy to charge the tuition fee in advance in the university’s official account. The medical school will reimburse the full money, no questions asked, if any student is unable to obtain a visa from the embassy.

Living Cost:

The cost of living in China is much cheaper as compared to other countries in the world. It is $150-$200 per month. The Student can manage the food and electricity in this budget. The Cost of Visa Extension, Medical Checkup, and Insurance fee is approximately $250/year.

Application Deadline:

Chinese Medical Universities accept applications for the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Program twice annually. Most of the Medical Universities accept for September intake and very few for March intake.

MBBS Admission Intake Deadline
September/Fall 30th October
March/Spring 30th March

Entrance Examination:

There is no requirement for an entry test in China to get admission to the Medicine Program. Chinese Medical University only considers the student’s grades in Senior High School (10+2). Some Chinese universities conduct video interviews as part of their admission process for medical schools.

IELTS and TOEFL Requirments:

Usually, IELTS or TOEFL are not required to apply in China for the Medicine Program (MBBS). However, Some universities have a primary requirement of IELTS or TOEFL to enroll international students in the English taught Medicine (MBBS) Program, The Medical Schools are Tianjin Medical University, Zhejiang University, Dalian Medical University, Fudan University, and Tongji University.

Qualification for Study Medicine/MBBS in China:

1.  Applicants to study Medicine in China should be more than 18 years of age. Students between the ages of 16 and 18, can provide their parents guarantee letter or authorization letter of legal guardians in China. Some Universities Such as Shihezi University and Ningxia Medical University accept underaged students without any guarantee/authorization letter from the guardian.

2.  Applicant must have a Senior high school Diploma or above (WAEC, WASSCE, A-Levels, HSSC, Grade 12) with the compulsory subjects (Physics, Chemistry, English and Biology).

3.  The Grades should be more than 60% to qualify to apply to Medicine (MBBS) Program in China. Some Schools also accept the 50% grades in Senior high school but very few.

4.  English proficiency Letters, can be asked from the students who have not the mother language English.

5. Applicants are required to provide a solid financial statement or Bank Statement to show to the university or Chinese Embassy to obtain the visa. Students can contact the Chinese embassy locally and ask about the accurate requirements.

Application Documents for Studying Medicine in China:

Here is a checklist of the application documents required to apply for the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) program in China.

  1. Application Form (We will provide, Digitally filled)
  2. Passport Information Page
  3. Digital Photo (white background)
  4. Academic Transcripts and certificates of each year
  5. Physical Examination Report (we will provide medical form)
  6. Police Clearance Report
  7. Bank statement with a minimum balance of $5000
  8. Self-introduction Video (minimum 3 minutes)
  9. English Proficiency Certificate (for non-English speakers only)
  10. Interview (if required)

Famous and Top Medical Universities in China:

The following are the medical universities that offer Clinical Medicine (MBBS) and their respective tuition fees. Ningxia Medical University has the lowest tuition fee among all MOE Listed Universities in China and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine has the lowest cost of tuition among all non-MOE Listed Universities in China.

University Name Tuition Per year
Ningxia Medical University 29,800 RMB/year
Shihezi University 30,000 RMB/year
Nanjing Medical University 34,000 RMB/year
Ningbo University 38,000 RMB/year
Hunan University of Chinese Medicine 18,000 RMB/year
Jining Medical University 20,000 RMB/year
Jiangsu University 34,000 RMB/year
Zhengzhou University 35,000 RMB/year

How to apply for Medicine Program in China:

The students can APPLY ONLINE to apply for the Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Program in China. EaziLine International’s admissions team will assist you in selecting a medical school more effectively and professionally. We will help the students to complete the documents according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education China and the Chinese embassy.

As soon as the student receives their visa on their passport, we make every effort to offer exceptional services to assist them. Our company provides Airport pick-up services and support for students settling in China. We have two offices in China, specifically in Changsha and Shihezi, which enable us to deliver these services effectively.

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