Why Study Medicine in China?

China is one of the famous destinations for International students who want to study Medicine in English. In the last few years, many International students from Asia e.g. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, and Especially Students from African countries are getting admissions to Clinical Medicine (MBBS) programs to complete their medical studies. Chinese Universities are Public Universities and Subsidized by the Chinese government. The China MBBS course fee is very cheap & Low cost as compared to other MBBS universities in Africa and abroad.

Worldwide Accreditations

Chinese Medical Schools are approved by WHO, ECFMG, and WCAME. After Getting Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Degree from China, Students can do medical practice in their home countries. The Medical Degree is acceptable all over the world and graduates are eligible to apply for Medical Licensing examinations held by the medical WFME, ECFMG, PMDC, NMC, BMDC, USMLE, PLAB, GMC, AMC, HPCSA, SCHS and other certifications.

African Students in China:

Most of the African students in Chinese universities are from Zambia, Ghana, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Morocco, Eritrea, Cameroon, etc. Research shows that African students go to China mainly to study Pharmacy, Medicine, and business study. Students have the option to pursue Post graduation PG in Europe next to completing their MBBS in China. They also have a chance to develop business connections in a country that is becoming a rising power.

Chinese Universities are offering medical education to foreign students for more than 50 years and now it ranks one among the top countries of the world to study MBBS in China for Liberian students, and different Asian and European countries with quality education.

International students who are living in Europe as USA, UK, and Canada & Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, Bahrain, Yemen, Turkey, and others countries can apply through our Online Portal and we will guide them accordingly. Students can easily get visa from the Chinese embassies located in their resident countries.

Study Medicine in China for South Africans:

Due to the limited number of available seats & excessively stringent criteria and quota systems many students are compelled to compromise for a second-best option. China has expanded the opportunities for South African students to study medicine.

It’s smart to look beyond approved institutions that will accept international students. One of the reasons China admits South Africans and other foreign students is because it has the room to host a large number of international students. The minimum academic requirement is a passing grade of at least 60% overall and at least 60% in Mathematics, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Biology.

“The South African Medical Association (SAMA)” is the recognized credentialing body for South African students. It is essential for anybody from South Africa who is interested in pursuing an MBBS degree in China to submit their applications to educational institutions that are acknowledged and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Cost of Studying Medicine in China:

The Average Cost for Medical Study in China for International students Starts from $3500 per year to $6000 per year which includes tuition and accommodation fees as well. So, China is one of the best possible choices for international students to Study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Economical price. Chinese Universities are also offering different types of Performance-based Scholarships during Medicine studies of 6 years.

MBBS Scholarships:

Chinese Medical Schools are not offering MBBS/BDS scholarships on admission basis. If University will provide you any kind of Scholarship, they will mention the Type of Scholarship in Clear words on your admission letter issued by the University with official Stamp on it.

MBBS in China Scholarship offered by Chinese Universities for International Students are:

  • One Belt One Road Scholarship,
  • Local Government Scholarship, 
  • Freshman Scholarship,
  • Performance Based Scholarships, 
  • Study improvement Scholarship etc.

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and Ningxia Medical University are offering Provincial government scholarship of 15,000 RMB/year to Top 15 Students every year, which are based on student’s academic performance, Class attendance, Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:

The basic eligibility for getting MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) Admission in China is important to mention here. Every university has different criteria to accept international student depending the nationality of the student and the Percentage/scores of students in Grade 12/GCE A Levels.

  • Entrance test is not required.
  • Student must have good grades in Senior High School (10+2)/WAEC.
  • Some Universities have Criteria of 55% marks in PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English).
  • Age Limit to apply for Medicine Study in China is 16 to 25 years and in very few universities it’s 30 years.
  • Few universities are taking online interviews before issuing admission letters.
Description Details
Recognition World Health Organization (WHO)
Last Date to apply (Spring) 30th April
Last Date to apply (Fall intake) 10th December
Basic Eligibility Criteria 60% in Senior high School/GCE A Levels
English Proficiency No Need IELTS or TOEFL
Registration Fee 400 RMB — 800 RMB
Tuition + Accommodation Fee 18,000 RMB — 40,000 RMB/Year
Food Expenses 1000 RMB/Month
MBBS Teaching Medium English Medium
MBBS Degree Duration 5+1 Years
Age Limit 16 Years – 25 Years

How to Start the Admission Process?

Most Chinese Medical Schools are offering Fall Admission every year for International students. African students are interested to apply for March intake every year. Very Few Universities are also accepting international students for Spring intake to study Medicine in China. If any student is interested to apply for Medicine Degree in China, can start the admission process through our ONLINE PORTAL or the student can send us the following documents to our official email info@eaziline.com to start the process.

  1. Junior high School Document
  2. Senior High School Document (10+2)
  3. Passport First page.
  4. Digital Photo with white Background.

Student needs to Pay the Application fee of 1000 RMB to 2000 RMB (Depending on the university) to Start the admission application procedure. After Completion of these documents, we will apply for your admission letter & Visa Letter (Jw202). Admission Letter can take about 7-10 working days and Visa Letter (Jw202) takes about 30-40 Working days depending on the Ministry of Education China.

Refund Policy:

After paying the Application fee, If EaziLine International fails to provide the initial acceptance letter or pre-admission letter issued by the university, 100% Full payment will be refunded. But if the student changes his/her mind because of any reason, the payment will not be refunded. Our Transparent Payment policies make us unique in the Market.

Best Medical Schools in China for International and African Students 2023-2024:

EaziLine International is offering the best & Top Chinese Medical Universities for African Students. We are official and authorized China Education Consultants for the enrollment of international students from all over the world wishing to Study MBBS in English Medium. Medicine Degree Duration in China is 6 years which includes a 1-year compulsory internship in the affiliated hospitals of the University.

Here are the names of top universities for African and international students offering MBBS (Clinical medicine).

  1. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine
  2. Ningxia Medical University
  3. Yichun University
  4. Hainan Medical University
  5. Qingdao University
  6. Zhengzhou University
  7. Nanjing Medical University
  8. Wuhan University of Science & Technology
  9. North China University of Science and Technology
  10. Hubei Polytechnic University

No.1 University for Africans to Medicine Study in English:

Hunan University of Chinese Medicine is one of the best medical schools in China offering a Medicine Degree. There are many reasons to choose the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, one of the reasons is, University is located in Changsha City, Which is one the most beautiful and modern cities in China. Hunan Medical School has the lowest fee Approx. $3500/year for MBBS among all Chinese medical schools. Many African students are studying medicine in English in the Hunan University of TCM. International students are mostly from Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Lesotho, Sudan, and other countries.

Study Medicine in China in English Fee Structure 2023-2024:

EaziLine International is offering the best Medical universities for African and International students which are Low cost & Fee Packages are economical for African students. Already many African students China studying Medicine. Chinese Universities are Recognized by WHO & International students are eligible to apply for AMC, USMLE and GMC for PLAB & ECFMG certification.

1. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine MBBS (5+1) Years English Medium
Tuition Fee 18,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 2600 RMB/Year Apply Now  
2. Ningxia Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years English Medium
Tuition Fee 29,800 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
3. Hainan Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 20,500 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 4200 RMB/Year Apply Now !
4. Zhengzhou University MBBS (5+1) Years English Medium
Tuition Fee 35,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5500 RMB/Year Apply Now !
5. Nanjing Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years English Medium
Tuition Fee 34,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 6000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
6. Yichun University MBBS (5+1) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 18,500 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 4500 RMB/Year Apply Now !
7. Wuhan University of Science and Technology MBBS (5+1) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 18,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 3600 RMB/Year Apply Now !
8. Shanxi Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 28,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
9. Qingdao University MBBS (5+1) Years English Medium
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 10,00 RMB/Year Apply Now !
10. Hubei Polytechnic University MBBS (5+1) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 15,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 3000 RMB/Year Apply Now !

Medicine Study in China Admissions Contact:

EaziLine International (official admission office)

China Head office Address:
300 Xueshi Lu, Hanpu Science and Education Zone, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan China.
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Authorized Office (Lusaka Zambia):

For Zambia , Zimbabwe , Malawi & Tanzanian Students

Mobile & WhatsApp #  +260-9722994463
E-mail : chellah2016@gmail.com
Address : University Teaching hospital (UTH), Lusaka, Zambia.

Authorized Admission office (Sri Lanka):

Wisdom Synergies Consultancy (Private) Limited
Mr. Suren Gunasekara
Mobile/Whats-App # +94-760966949
E-mail: info@wisdomsynergies.com
Address: No.7, Francisco place, Moratuwa. Sri Lanka.

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