China is a secure place for International students who want to pursue MBBS in China. In the last few years, more Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi, students from Sri Lanka, Africa, ASEAN, and CIS countries girls as compared to boys have been going to study MBBS in China. The last 20-25 years have seen a large number of Pakistani & international students coming to Medicine Study in China. Medical study in China is a smart choice that is popular due to its low cost and promising returns.

Every year thousands of International students apply in China especially MOE Listed Universities for English Medium MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery & BDS Bachelor in Dental Surgery in China. Chinese Universities are also offering Some kind of Scholarships for the foreign students in different fields other than MBBS, but at the end of year every university is offering scholarships to the excellent students.

China MBBS Cost :

The Average Cost for MBBS in China for Pakistani students is between PKR 9 – 10 Lakh Per year including tuition and a hostel for the whole year If we Calculate the MBBS in China cost for 6 years, the range will be between PKR 55 to 60 Lakh. The Fee Packages of Chinese universities are the lowest in the world offering MBBS Degrees to international students with quality medical education.

If we talk about MOE Listed Universities which are offering Fully English Medium MBBS, the Fee Range of MOE Listed Universities Starts from PKR 14 – 15 Lakh Per year (including Tuition and hostel fees). So, China is one of the best possible choices for international students to Study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Economical price.

MBBS in China Scholarships:

Chinese universities are not offering MBBS/BDS scholarships on admission basis. If any Chinese University will provide you any kind of Scholarship, University will mention the Type of Scholarship in Clear words on your admission letter issued by the University with official Stamp on it. MBBS in China Scholarship offered by Chinese Universities for International Students which are One Belt One Road Scholarship, Local Government Scholarship, Freshman Scholarship, Performance Based Scholarships, Study improvement Scholarship etc.

PMDC Approved (PMC A List) Universities for Pakistani Students:

Pakistani students are suggested to get admission only in PMC A Category Universities. Students graduated from universities which are in List A by PMC, they Can get PRMP Directly and after doing one year House Job students can appear in PMC’s NLE Exam.

Chinese Medical Universities are approved by Chinese Ministry of health, Chinese Ministry of Education, WCAME and Students are eligible to apply for USMLE (America), PLAB (GMC England), AMC (Australia) & for ECFMG certifications.

We are offering MBBS in Top ranked Chinese universities for International students. Pakistani students those are living in Europe like USA, UK, Canada & Middle east countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, Bahrain, Yemen, Turkey and students from other countries can apply through our Online Portal . we will guide our students professionally & Students can easily get the visa from the Chinese embassies located in their resident countries.

List of Top Medical Universities in China for MBBS in English (MOE Listed):

EaziLine International (Since. 2011) is offering Top Ranking Chinese Medical universities for Pakistani, Africans, International students. We are official and authorized MBBS in China Education Consultants for the enrollments of international students from all over the world wishing to MBBS in English Medium.

There are 200+ Medical Universities those are offering MBBS/BDS in English/Bilingual Medium. Only 45 Universities which are called MOE Listed Universities offering MBBS in Fully English Medium. MBBS in China have low cost with quality of Medical education & providing international standard medical degree. Very few universities have highest fee packages but they are top ranking medical schools. China MBBS Course Duration is 06 years including last year of internship or Clinical rotation.

Following Chinese universities are Recognized by WHO & Approved by PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council). Graduated students are eligible for NLE, MCI, NMC, BMDC, SLMC, ECFMG, WCAME, WFME, USMLE, GMC, AMC & PLAB Certification.

1. Shihezi University MBBS (5+1) Years MOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
2. Ningxia Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years MOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee 29,800 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
3. Qingdao University MBBS (5+1) Years MOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 10,000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
4. Nanjing Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years MOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee 34,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 6000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
5. Zhengzhou University MBBS (5+1) Years MOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee 35,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5500 RMB/Year Apply Now !
6.Guangzhou Medical University MBBS (5+1) Years MOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 6000 RMB/Year Apply Now !

List of Low Cost China MBBS Universities Fee 2023-2024:

Here are top MOE non-listed Universities having lowest fee packages for MBBS in China. Following Chinese universities are Recognized by WHO & Approved by PMDC (PMC A List) Universities. Graduated students are eligible for NLE, ECFMG, WCAME, WFME, USMLE, GMC, AMC & PLAB Certification.  Students needs to pass HSK-3 or HSK-4 in first year to promote in Medical study of 05 years.

1. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine MBBS (1+5) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 18,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 2600 RMB/Year Apply Now !
2. Yichun University MBBS (1+5) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 18,500 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 4500 RMB/Year Apply Now !
3. Wuhan University of Science & Technology MBBS (1+5) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 18,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 3600 RMB/Year Apply Now !
4. Hainan Medical University MBBS (1+5) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 20,500 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 4200 RMB/Year Apply Now !
5. North China University of Science and Technology MBBS (1+5) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 18,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB/Year Apply Now !
6. University of South China MBBS (1+5) Years Bilingual Medium
Tuition Fee 21,000 RMB/Year Website
Hostel Fee 3000 RMB/Year Apply Now !

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:

Before applying for MBBS, Students must know The basic eligibility criteria for getting MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) Admission in China. Every Chinese university has different criteria to accept international students depending on the nationality and the Percentage/scores of students in Senior high School (Grade 12) or GCE A Levels.

  • Entrance test is not required.
  • MDCAT Result No need for Pakistani Students to apply for MBBS in China.
  • Student must have a Minimum of 60% Marks in FSc (Pre-Medical).
  • Some Universities have Criteria of 60% marks in PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English).
  • Age Limit to apply for MBBS in China is 16 to 25 years and in very few universities it’s 30 years.
  • Few universities are taking online interviews before issuing admission letters.
Description Details
Recognition World Health Organization (WHO), PMC, PMDC
Last Date to apply (Fall intake) 10th October every year
Last Date to apply (Spring intake) 10th of April every year
Basic Eligibility Criteria 60% in HSSC/GCE A Levels
English Proficiency No Need IELTS or TOEFL
Registration Fee 400 RMB — 800 RMB
Tuition + Hostel Fee 18,000 RMB — 40,000 RMB/Year
Food Expenses 1000 RMB/Month
MBBS Teaching Medium English Medium
MBBS Degree Duration 5+1 Years
Age Limit 16 Years – 25 Years

Teaching Staff & Faculty:

Chinese Universities classrooms are equipped with Contemporary Projector & multimedia. Most Chinese Medical universities have qualified Chinese teachers, they are graduated from Europe and some of them have a doctoral degree from Europe, and the UK. Some Chinese medical colleges have foreign Teachers from Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Nepal, etc.

This enhances the knowledge of students that makes it easy to pass their medical council exams in their home countries after graduation. All Chinese teachers are fluent in the English Language. Teachers are wholly committed to imparting education and students have the benefit of their expertise and knowledge every single day, right through the year.

Required Documents to apply for MBBS:

Usually, Chinese Institutions offer September Fall Intake in all universities, but if the seats will not be filled by the university, they Start enrollments for March Spring intake as well. But Some Universities are offering Properly March Intake for MBBS Applicants. Student Must read the admission letter carefully before applying for a visa in the Chinese Embassy.

  • SSC (Grade 10)
  • HSSC- Senior high school document (Grade 12)
  • Digital Photo with white background
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Assessment Form
  • Signed Fee Package by the Applicant.

For Admissions in Chinese Universities Contact !

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Malik M. Touqeer (CEO)
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Advantages to Choose MBBS from China:

  1. IELTS or TOEFL is not required for MBBS in China.
  2. Chinese Universities have inside campus hostels which are normally 02 or 03 sharing rooms that are fully furnished and centrally heated.
  3. International students are not just surviving there, they are enjoying the quality of life in China.
  4. China is Moderate & Secure both for male and female students.
  5. Chinese Universities are top Ranking and good as compared to other countries’ universities like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.
  6. Chinese Universities are government owned and funded by the Central or provincial government of China.
  7. All the medical universities have a minimum of 3-5 directly affiliated hospitals and about 20+ indirectly affiliated hospitals which are tertiary hospitals for internship.
  8. The medium of medical education in China is fully English Medium.
  9. The MBBS course fee is very cheap & Low cost as compared to other MBBS universities in Pakistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and abroad.
  10. Graduated students are eligible to apply for ECFMG certifications.
  11. Students have the option to pursue Post graduation degree in China, the universities offering PG are top-ranked & offering scholarships for PG as well. Students can apply for PG in Europe next to completing their MBBS in China.
  12. All Chinese universities have 2 or 3 Canteens inside the campus. There must be one Muslim canteen for Muslim international students. So there is no problem with Food at all for any nationality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) !

What is the difference between Clinical Medicine and MBBS ?

Clinical Medicine and MBBS Both terms are same in China. Actually in China, the term MBBS in known as Clinical Medicine. All the Medical Universities in china is providing degree of Clinical Medicine 临床医学 。But, MOE Listed Universities mentions Clinical Medicine on Degree with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery as well.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to get admission in China ?

Basic Eligibility Criteria to get admission in China is;

  • Student must have minimum 60% marks in Fsc/HSSC to apply.
  • Student must be healthy and fluent in English.
  • Age Limit to apply for MBBS/Medicine Degree is 25 years and in Some Universities its 30.

Have Chinese Universities foreign Faculty ?

Mostly Chinese Universities have their own Qualified Chinese Faculty to teach Medicine in English. Very Few Universities have some foreign Teachers to teach Medical Subjects in English. For Example, Shihezi University have one Foreign Teacher since 2002 and he is teaching Physiology in Shihezi University.

Chinese Universities are offering MBBS in English Medium or in Chinese ?

Chinese Universities are offering MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) in English Medium. Students are required to study 5 years MBBS and 1 year Hospital internship to complete the Degree Duration 6 years. Very Few Universities are offering Chinese Medium MBBS. Please Check your admission letter for the confirmation of Medium in which you will be instructed.

What are 211 Project universities in China ?

211 Project (211工程) is an education initiative that started in 1995. The project has funded over 100 Chinese universities with the purpose of elevating them to international academic standards by the end of the 21st century. Project 211 also aims to support universities in their research standards and capacity.

Many Project 211 universities are viewed as prestigious universities of all Chinese universities. They admit students through a competitive process of the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (“Gaokao”) for undergraduate programs.

What are MOE China Listed Universities ?

There are only 45 Universities in China which are known as MOE Listed Universities, offering MBBS in English Medium. Students are not required to pass HSK-4 in First year, because legal medium of these universities are English. These Chinese Universities Mentions Properly “English Taught MBBS” on admission letter and visa letter as well.

What are the Double first class universities in China ?

In October 2015, the State Council of China published the ‘Overall Plan for Promoting the Construction of World First-Class Universities and First-Class Disciplines (Double First Class University Plan)’, and made new arrangements for the development of higher education in China.

A total number of 140 universities were included in this plan (the number of Double First Class Universities expanded to 147 in February 2022), taking up less than 5% of the total number of Chinese higher education institutions (3,012) which represents the most elite part of the higher education in China. In 2019, the Ministry of Education of China reconfirmed that the invalidated Project 211 had been replaced by the Double First Class University Plan.

Can i apply online to get admission in China ?

Yes. International Students can apply online to get admission to China. But, Universities do not accept Direct online applications, Every university has their Official Signed Consultants for enrollment. You can contact them to get admission to China. Make sure that the agency you are choosing representing the Chinese Universities is official.

Which Chinese Medical Universities are accepting International students on the basis of First year Results ?

Mostly Chinese Medical Universities are accepting international students once the student completes the Senior High School (HSSC Grade 12). Very few universities are accepting on the basis of First year Mark sheet results. So, if the student wants to apply for MBBS in China and wants to apply on first year basis, students can get admission in MBBS in Following universities,

  1. Ningxia Medical University
  2. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine

Thank you.

What is the tuition fee range of MOE Non-Listed University ?

MOE Non-Listed Universities are offering Low Fee for MBBS in China. Actually they are teaching first year Chinese Language and it is compulsory to Pass HSK-4 in 1st year to promote in MBBS Degree of 5 years. Fee for MBBS in MOE Non-Listed Universities Starts from PKR 6 Lakh to 9 Lakh per year which includes tuition and accommodation fee per year.

If we study in MOE non-Listed University, The Degree duration will be 7 years or 6 years ?

It will be 6 years (1+4+1). Which means first year Chinese language study + 4 years Medical Study + 1 year internship. First year of Chinese language will be considered as a MBBS Degree year.

Are Chinese Universities safe for Pakistani and International Students ?

Yes. Chinese Universities are totally safe and secure for international students. China is one of safest Country all over the world. Safety Cameras are installed every where inside the campuses and out side the campuses as well which are monitored by Chinese officials.

What is the Tuition fee in China for MBBS Study ?

if you are interested to complete your MBBS in low Budget, China is the only Choice for international students. China MBBS Fee Starts from 18,000 RMB to 35,000 RMB/year which includes Tuition and Hostel fee for 1 year. if We calculate in Dollars, it starts from $3200 to $5500 per year. Chinese Universities are offering Low cost MBBS with Quality of medical Education.

Are Chinese Universities offering Fully Funded Scholarships for MBBS ?

No. Chinese Universities are not offering Fully funded Scholarships in MBBS for international students. Universities have different types of Scholarships for foreign students;

  1. Freshmen Scholarships
  2. Performance based Scholarships (at the end of every year)
  3. Presidential Scholarship by University

Must check your admission letter once you got admission letter from university. beware from Fake information provided by some unprofessional and un-authorized agents.

Can we get admission in China Directly ?

No. It is not possible for International Students to get admissions by applying directly. The Reason is, Almost every Chinese University have their Sole Official Representatives, Universities accepts the applications only from their Signed Consultants. Official Agency is responsible for admissions and visa processing of the enrolled students.

Hostel or Dormitories are Located inside the Campus or Out Side ?

Chinese Universities have their own Hostel buildings inside the campus. Hostels are fully furnished and have the facility of Halal Muslim Canteen inside the Campus. Bank, Supermarkets are also available inside the campus.

Can we Pay the University fee per Semester in China ?

No. Students cannot pay the tuition fee per semester in China. Normally in China, tuition fee is payable on a yearly basis. But At the time of the Pandemic (COVID-19), some Chinese Universities were allowed to pay the tuition fee per semester.

What is the Average cost of Insurance Fee and Residence Permit Per year in China ?

The Range of Insurance fee for international students in China Starts from 600-800 RMB/year and Residence Permit Fee Starts from 400-800 RMB/year.

What is the age limit to apply for MBBS in China ?

Students having minimum age of 16 can apply for MBBS in China. Age limit to apply for China is 26 years for Bachelor Degree, 30 years for Master Degree and for PHD it is 35 years.

How Many seats of MBBS in China are available for International students every year ?

Every Chinese University have limited 50-120 Seats every year. There are more than 200 Medical Schools accepting International students to peruse their medical degree. So, the overall seats in China for MBBS Education are 1500-2000.

What are the Initial Basic Documents Required to apply for China MBBS ?

Student needs to Pay an application fee of 1000 to Start the Application Procedure. Students can send below-mentioned documents in Scan form to our official Email or can Start the process through Online Portal as well.

  1. SSC/Grade 10
  2. HSSC/Grade 12
  3. Passport First Page Scan
  4. Digital E-Photo with White background

Is IELTS/MDCAT Required to apply for MBBS in China ?

No. MDCAT or IELTS is not compulsory to get MBBS admission in China.

Does Chinese Universities accepts Migrations from other Countries ?

No. Chinese Universities Does not accept Migrations from anywhere inside or outside China. They Accept only Fresh Students for 6 years MBBS Degree Program.

What are Called Management Charges, mentioned almost in every Fee Package ?

When the Semester Ends in China and When is the Semester Break ?

There are 2 Semesters in Chinese Universities Every year;

  • First Semester Starts in September and ends in January every year.
  • 2nd Semester Starts in March and ends in July every year.

There are 30-40 holidays after every semester. Students can go to home country or can stay in hostel as well (Depends on student).

Chinese Medical Universities are Government or Private ?

99% Universities in China are government owned and public Universities. Very Few Universities are Private but those are also under the Ministry of Education China.

Welcome to China, Most Powerful Economy, Rich and old Culture in the World !