Uzbekistan is a well known destination for Medical study in English Medium. It is bordered by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Tajikistan to the southeast; Afghanistan to the south; and Turkmenistan to the southwest. It comprises 12 provinces and one autonomous republic. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent which is largest city as well.

Why MBBS in Uzbekistan:

  • Uzbekistan Universities are WHO (world health organization) Recognized.
  • Easy to get admission and as a Muslim country, Easy to adjust.
  • Universities in Uzbekistan are approved and listed in WHED (world higher education data base).
  • Uzbekistan Universities are famous & old institutes which are offering bachelor, masters, PHD degree to international students.
  • Direct Flights from Pakistan to Uzbekistan which are economical and easy to travel.
  • Friendly environment for international students from the globe.
  • 5000+ Foreign Students studying in MD General Medicine & BDS Dentistry in English Medium.
  • Medical Universities in Uzbekistan have minimum 2 affiliated hospitals for internship.
  • Universities are offering some kind of scholarships at the end of year to the excellent students.
  • Hostels are furnished and Mess Facility is available for Pakistani and Indian students.
  • MBBS in Samarkand Bukhara is a best option for International students especially for Pakistani and Indians.
  • Most of Uzbekistan universities arranged foreign teachers & Experts from Pakistan, India, Nepal to deliver the medical lectures in English.
  • Uzbek universities are accepting transfer or migrations from other countries in 2nd, 3rd or 4th year as well.

06 years MBBS Course:

The duration of the MBBS/MD course in Uzbekistan is 6 years including 1 year of Clinical internship. In this Last year, student can learn by practicing in hospitals under the supervision of doctors. Pakistani student can apply for NLE Exam Follow the Pathways suggested by PMC. Students can apply for other licensing exams e.g. USMLE (America), PLAB (GMC England), NMC India or AMC (Australia).

MBBS Syllabus in Uzbekistan:

Uzbek Medical Universities are teaching Medical History, Medical Biology, Medical Chemistry, Biophysics, History of Medicine, Human Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Philosophy, Microbiology, immunology in 1st and 2nd Semester of Medical studies. From 3rd Semester to onwards they are following almost syllabus as according to the Pakistani & Indian medical colleges. Uzbekistan University have modular system which is modern medical education system. Labs, classrooms & teaching techniques are advanced provided by medical schools.

Admission Criteria:

  • Students having Minimum 50% Marks in HSSC/GCE A-Levels are eligible to apply.
  • Student must be healthy and under the age of 30 years.
  • Education Documents should be notarized and attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MBBS in Uzbekistan for Pakistani Students:

Here are Mentioned Top 5 Medical Schools in Uzbekistan which are in Placed in B Category & Country List-2 by PMC. MBBS cost for Pakistani students is low and affordable. Tuition Fee range $1700 to $2200 Per Semester and Hostel Fee range $300 to $500 per semester depends on the living Standard and location. Mess/Food Cost is $600 per semester for Pakistani and Indian students.

Our Suggestion:

According to our experience we will not suggest any PMC B List University. Actually the pathway of B or C List University is very difficult to get registration in PMC and it will waste the money and time of student. Never Ever trust on any Consultant those are recommending you PMC List B Universities.

We will Suggest you to choose only A List Medical Universities in China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan or any country having universities in List A. Student will get PRMP directly (Provisional license by PMC) Graduating from PMC List A University.

Medical Universities in Uzbekistan (PMC B Listed):


Name of University 

Tuition Fee/Semester

1 Bukhara State Medical Institute $1700
2 Samarkand State Medical Institute $1700
3 Andijan State Medical Institute $1750
4 Tashkent Medical Academy $1800
5 Urgench Branch of Tashkent Medical Academy $1600

There is Not a single university in Uzbekistan which is A Listed by PMC. Beware from the fake information.

Admission Process:

Uzbekistan Universities issues the admission letter in normally 7-10 working days and after admission confirmation letter students need to pay $300 for the Visa Invitation Visa. Visa invitation letter by Foreign Ministry takes 30-40 days normally or depends. Uzbekistan Medical universities are accepting Pakistani students once in 1 year only and that is for Fall/September intake.

Documents Required:

  1. SSC/Grade 10 Document
  2. HSSC/GCE A-Levels Document
  3. NEET Qualified (for Indian applicants only)
  4. Police Clearance Report
  5. Medical Check up Report
  6. Bank/financial Statement (if needed)
  7. Fresh photo with white back ground

Note : All these documents must be Scanned properly by the scanner machine, not by the mobile scanner. Students can send these documents  to our official Email or APPLY ONLINE to start the procedure.

Uzbekistan Universities for Pakistani Students 2023:

Here are Mentioned the details of Medical Universities which are B Listed by PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) & Approved by NMC (National Medical Commission of India). Students can apply for September 2022-2023 Now.

1. Samarkand State Medical Institute SSMI:

Samarkand State Medical Institute is the oldest medical university in Central Asia founded in May 1930, providing high-quality training of highly qualified medical personnel. The institute is located in the most beautiful city of Samarkand – from time immemorial it has been a center of scientific thought and outstanding culture.

  • Offering MBBS/MD Physician Degree, English Taught, 06 years Degree program
  • WHO Recognized, 1000+ Foreign students already studying
  • These faculties operate on the basis of 53 departments with 1190 classrooms equipped with modern computers and 70 multimedia classes.

Key figures: University have 4967 students study in 8 bachelor’s programs, 371 residents in – 27 master’s specialties and 597 residents – in 38 areas of clinical residency. For the last 2 years 4 Doctors of Science (DSc) and 21 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) was prepared; the Institute implements agreements on interaction with 26 basic organizations – main customers of personnel; on the basis of 480 agreements, educational services have been rendered to regional health departments (1,318.0 million soums).

Academic process at the institute: Having a progressive attitude, the staff of the Institute is sensitive to all the requirements of reforms and changes that are taking place in the education system and health care of our country.

In order to ensure quality teaching process as well as scientific and research work, lecture halls, classrooms and educational and clinical laboratories are equipped with the latest information basic technologies, multimedia projectors, video and audio systems. Distance education was also implemented. The educational process is supported by modern information and communication Internet technologies with the use of electronic and modular systems of education, which contain electronic teaching and learning materials for all disciplines taught at the Institute.

2. Bukhara State Medical Institute BSMI:

Bukhara State Medical Institute which is contributing much to the spiritual and educational life of ancient and ever young Bukhoro-i-Sharif was established on September 6, 1990 according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, № 307.

Nowadays, a total of 299 foreigners from around the world study at the Bukhara State Medical Institute. In terms of countries, 250 of them are citizens of Turkmenistan, 36 of India, 4 of the Russian Federation, 4 of Tajikistan, 2 of Azerbaijan, 1 of Afghanistan, 1 of Kazakhstan and 1 of Ukraine.

The Medical Institute has done a great deal of work for over a quarter of a century; it trains qualified personnel in the healthcare system of the Republic. Within the historically brief period there were prepared more than 8500 doctors, 5448 of which are medical, 2510 – in dentistry, 507 in medical pedagogics domain, and 322 highly qualified nurses. At the moment, 184 of these graduates work in the leading scientific centers and clinics of foreign countries. 8 of them are doctors of sciences, 71 – candidates of science, more than 30 of them are in senior positions at the republican scientific centers, more than 270 former students work at the regional and district health institutions as chief physicians and department heads.

3. Tashkent Medical Academy Urgench Campus:

Follow the official link of Tashkent Medical Academy for the History of the TMA Urgench branch Details Click Here:

On March 11, 1992, According to the Resolution № 125 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 20, 1992, № 171 Urgench branch of the first Tashkent State Medical Institute was organized on the base of Khorezm Regional Center for Professional Development of Medical Workers.

In accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed on May 31, 1995 and on June 3, 1995 by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan the branch was transferred to Urgench State University as a medical center with two faculties. On June 3, 1998 in accordance with the Resolution № 239 of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, UrSU’s Medical Center was reestablished as a separate independent educational institution.

Urgench branch of the first Tashkent State Medical Institute was established on June 3, 1998 under the Resolution № 239 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. On July 19, 2005 Tashkent Medical Academy (and its Urgench branch) was reorganized by the Decree № 178 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Important before Getting Admission:

  • All the Universities in Uzbekistan are PMC B Listed.
  • Tuition & Hostel Fee is as Per Semester. There are 12 Semesters in for MD Degree in Uzbekistan.
  • Student will pay Embassy Fee by themselves.
  • Student will pay for Stationary, Electricity Charges & One way air ticket to by themselves .
  • Food/Mess in Uzbekistan is normally 600 U$D per Semester which are extra to fee package.
  • Pakistani & Indian Students will follow the Policy of PMC & Indian Medical Council’s Policy Respectively.

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