China has become a popular choice for MBBS applicants seeking self-support since many years. Chinese Ministry of Education has also set new, stringent rules for standardizing MBBS teaching in English for International students . Moreover, earning a scholarship is an excellent opportunity for many students to cover necessary costs and finance their studies.

In order to ensure the quality of MBBS education in China and to encourage Brilliant students from Pakistan and other countries, Chinese Institutes are Likewise keen to Award Scholarships to deserving students. But you cannot apply merely for scholarship to do MBBS in China.

Agents & Guaranteed Scholarships:

There are a number of Fake agents all over the country who are enrolling students in different Chinese universities especially in non-MOE listed universities at the name of “Guaranteed scholarships”. For instance, you will see Various advertisements are circulating on websites, Facebook, WhatsApp Groups, Instagram pages and in the form of Paper-pamphlets shared on MDCAT test centers (or on doorsteps too).

  • Fully-funded scholarships
  • Study medicine in china on scholarship
  • full tuition waiver Scholarships in MBBS
  • MBBS in One-time Lum-sum amount.
  • 100% scholarship for MBBS in China.

This is a very commonly conducted Scholarship scam on students with high grades in HSSC. They are trapped by magnifying the significance of good marks to avail scholarship for MBBS degree. Later on, they either get them admissions on Chinese language program or in Chinese medium university where students need to pass Chinese language tests to get promoted in MBBS which is Self-financed only.

Other than this, scammed services are available in market for those students who have low marks and still convinced to get admission plus Scholarship for MBBS in China. For that, unauthorized consultants may forge fake documents for students instead of helping them to be aware of the facts that Chinese universities have their strict eligibilities criteria which every international student is bound to follow. Be very cautious when using these services ensured by temporary agents.

Misconception of CSC Scholarship:

CSC (China Scholarship Council) does not Cover MBBS Scholarship at all. CSC is a non-profit organization of China which supports financial aids to international students in various academic programs. Such type of governmental scholarship is an initiative of the Chinese Ministry of Education to promote education with cultural exchange, mutual benefits and political cooperation between other countries and China. This scholarship can either be partially or fully funded but the fact is that CSC does not cover MBBS programs (even if there are any exceptions for MBBS that’s very limited to be considered).

How can we recognized, that agent is Fake ?

  1. They will never tell you the Exact Tuition fee of university.
  2. They will never provide you the Receipt of Tuition fee issued by the University.
  3. They have No authorization Letter by university in which they are offering Scholarships.
  4. Most of them are wandering agents, they have no registered office in Pakistan.
  5. They never visited China, Never Visited a single Chinese University.

Beware Please !

If any Chinese University will provide you any kind of Scholarship, University will mention the Type of Scholarship in Clear words on your admission letter issued by the University with official Stamp on it. If any Agent used the word “Scholarship” without providing you the official Statement of Scholarship on admission letter, that Agent is advertising fake MBBS Scholarship.

China MBBS Scholarship availability:

If you are International student and looking for Partial Scholarships regarding MBBS in China, then you will have to look at the other type of scholarships claimed by universities called “University scholarships” which may include full or partial tuition fee based on particular rules). Here are mentioned some types of MBBS Scholarship offered by Chinese Universities for Pakistani and International Students.

  1. Local Government Scholarship
  2. Freshman Scholarship by University
  3. Performance Based Scholarships
  4. Study improvement Scholarship by University
Scholarship Type Scholarship Amount
Local Government Scholarship 15,000 RMB – 20,000 RMB
University Scholarship 5000 RMB – 30,000 RMB
Freshmen Scholarship 7000 RMB – 20,000 RMB
Performance Based Scholarship 3000 RMB – 15,000 RMB
Study improvement Scholarship 5000 RMB – 15,000 RMB

How to apply for MBBS Scholarship in China ?

For Scholarship opportunities, students are advised to check their eligibility first and be aware of monetary details e.g., actual tuition fee of university, application & registration fee and admission charges in which discount is not given. Every Chinese University provides an official receipt with written scholarship statements, which should be asked from agents who assure you scholarship availability.

How EaziLine Supports !

EaziLine International is one of the best China Education Consultants guiding about MBBS Scholarships in China. We have some universities providing international students with fee allowance but for that students do not need to pay extra charges or apply separately for Scholarship. The Universities are

  1. Ningxia Medical University
  2. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine
  3. Yichun University
  4. Hunan Normal University
  5. Qingdao University

Our team can work for students to get them enrolled in renowned medical universities in China and help through various stages of application procedure. These fee allowances can either be based on,

  • Pandemic discounts (in 1st year only)
  • relaxation on 1st year’s tuition because of HSSC high grades
  • Freshman scholarships

Most of the time, these scholarships are offered to students who apply early or given to them who apply simply on self-finance and university will review students’ application/academic record to consider them automatically for monetary relief. From 2nd year to onward it will depend on student’s class performance and class position that’s how fee allowance will be provided to compensate in the tuition fee.

EaziLine International does not offer Fully funded Scholarships on complete degree of MBBS in China but guaranteed Admissions. So, neither we support such scholarship frauds, nor do we recommend that to students.

For MBBS Admissions in China :

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