If you want to Study MBBS in China, you will first need to figure out how to apply for Medical studies in China or the application process. The admission process in all Chinese Medical Universities is almost the same, which is very easy and convenient. To initiate the application procedure for Studying Medicine in China, you must have the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Senior High School Diploma/HSSC/A-Levels/WAEC
  • Digital Photo with White background.
  • Passport First Page

Worldwide Accreditations:

Before applying to medical school, prospective students should research whether medical licensing organizations recognize the university they intend to attend. Chinese Medical Universities have worldwide accreditations that are Recognized and Approved by WHO (World Health Organization), IMED, WDOMS, PD&MC (former PMC), WFME & WCAME Listed, NMC (National Medical Council of India), BMDC (Bangladesh Medical Council), INAMC & SLMC.

Graduated Students are eligible to apply for the medical licensing examinations e.g. USMLE (America), UKMLA (England), AMC (Australia) & ECFMG certifications.

Admission Requirements for Studying Medicine in China:

Before applying to medical studies in China, you must know the Admission requirements and criteria for MBBS admission in China. International Students Applying for Medicine study must Complete the following requirements.

  • There are no requirements of IELTS or TOEFL to apply.
  • Students are required to achieve a minimum score of 60% in Senior High School/A-Levels/WAEC.
  • The age limit to apply is 16-25 years and in few Medical Schools its 29.
  • Students must be healthy and fluent in English.
  • Students must have sufficient funds in their bank accounts of Gurdiran to show in the Bank Statement.

How to Apply for MBBS in China:

The following steps are important in the application process for Medical Study in China. The method of choosing a medical school offering a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in China is a key point to becoming a Medical doctor. Our admissions team will assist you in selecting a medical school more effectively and professionally since EaziLine International is a top-of-the education consulting company.

  1. Apply Online 
  2. Fill out the Application Form to apply.
  3. Our admission office will guide you in selecting a Medical University in China.
  4. Submit the education documents according to the requirements
  5. Get the admission letter from the University
  6. Get the Jw202/Visa Letter from the Chinese Government.
  7. We will guide you in preparing your Documents for the Chinese Embassy.
  8. Apply for Study visa X1 in the Chinese Embassy
  9. After getting a visa, reserve your Air ticket
  10. We will guide you for post-arrival Services.
  11. We will pick you up from the Airport in China
  12. Submit the Tuition Fee Directly to the university
  13. Get Registration at the University.
  14. Get a Student ID Card and Library Card
  15. Start your Classes in your desired university

Apply through Official Consultant:

The application process for study in China is Simple and Easy though most Chinese universities do not accept applications directly from students. There you need a consultant from an official admission agency, authorized by the University itself. That agency will be responsible for guiding you according to your budget, to choose a university as per your requirements and proceed with your admission to your desired institute.

Many students want to apply online to Study Medicine in China. They look for a comprehensive understanding of the procedure so that they can submit their forms on an authentic and reliable platform with instant guidance. For them, we have mentioned the procedure of online form submission on our Online Portal where they can get guidelines as well as an immediate response to obtain admission to Chinese Medical Institutes.

What is the Tuition Fee Cost?

The cost of studying medicine in China is significantly lower than in any other country in the world. International Students normally want to get admission to Low-budget medical universities in China. MBBS in China Cost starts from RMB 20,000/Year ($3000/year) which includes Tuition and accommodation fees for One Academic year. Many Pakistani, Indian, African, ASEAN & CIS countries international students including males & females are already studying MBBS in these universities.

Why Choose EaziLine?

EaziLine International (Since 2011) is the largest Pioneer admission agency for the enrollment of Clinical Medicine (MBBS) students from all over the world. We are official representatives of Chinese Universities which are Highly ranked for International Students.

See our Authorization Certificates

Since 2011 EaziLine International has been providing Quality services to our students in almost all the study programs e.g. MBBS, BDS, Pharmacy, Engineering, Diploma, BBA, MBA, and many more. Many batches of our enrolled students have graduated and worked as professionals in different fields in their home countries and abroad. Our Graduated students are our proud.

How to Apply Online (Step by Step)

1. Pay Application Fee:

Student needs to pay the Application Fee of 1000 RMB – 1500 RMB (Depending on the selected university) with initial scanned documents, it is non-refundable once paid. 

Every university has a registration fee of 400 RMB – 800 RMB. It is a time payment & the student needs to pay the registration fee with the application fee to initiate the application procedure at the university.

So, the Student needs to pay the application + Registration Fee altogether initially. If EaziLine International does not provide the initial acceptance letter or pre-admission letter issued by the university, we will refund the payment. But if the student changes his mind because of any reason, the payment will not be refunded.

2. Submit Initial Documents:

To apply to study medicine in China, interested applicants should scan and email the following documents to info@eaziline.com

  • Junior High School (Grade 10)
  • Senior High School/A-Levels (Grade 12)
  • Passport 1st Page
  • National ID Card
  • Digital Photo with white background
  • Assessment Form (we will provide)

Once we have received the documents mentioned above for the Medicine Programme, we will submit an application to the medical school of your choice for a pre-admission letter. Universities can take 7-10 days to issue. As we get the Acceptance letter we will follow the next procedure of Visa Letter (Jw202) by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

3. Pay the Management Charges:

After the Issuance of the Pre-Admission Notice, we will start the process of Visa Letter (Jw202) and as we get Jw202 by MOE China, the student will apply for a Study visa X1/X2 in the Chinese Embassy with Proper Documentation. As we will get a Stamped visa on the Passport, the Student will Pay Management & Admission Charges as Mentioned in every Fee package Either in Pakistan or in China Depending upon the latest rules and regulations.

4. Pay Tuition Fees:

Tuition Fee is subject to university only, Students can pay the tuition fee by themselves on arrival or according to the policy of the university. Tuition fees once paid are a non-refundable policy but if a student wants to apply for a refund of the tuition fee, he/she needs to follow the policy of the university strictly. We have no concern with the tuition fee.

5. Pay Dormitory Fee:

Hostel fee is also subject to university only. Every Chinese university has its dormitories inside the campus, they are never allowed to stay outside. Hostel fee ranges 3000 RMB to 10,000 RMB. Students can pay the Hostel fee by themselves according to the rules & regulations of the university.

Our Services and Guarantee:

From the very start of the admission process to the end of the visa process, we will contact the students to facilitate our enrolled students. we have our Offices in Pakistan and China.

As the plane lands in China, our Management office will provide the contact numbers of students to the Parents & their families. Our China Office representative will pick up the students from the airport and soon after the tuition fee payment, we will provide the receipts to our students. We will arrange a hostel room for the student (administrated by the university).

Not a single penny will be charged Extra. We help the students with the opening of bank accounts, residence permits, Paying Insurance fees, and Medical Checkup procedures. When the Classes will start formally, Our responsibility will be over and the student will be handed over to the university. Students must follow the rules & regulations of the university & Chinese government.

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