Application Fee – Initial Charges :

Student needs to pay the Application Fee 800 RMB – 1500 RMB (Depends on selected university) with initial scanned documents, it is Non-refundable once paid. 

Every university have registration fee of 400 RMB – 800 RMB. It is one time payment & student needs to pay the registration fee with the application fee to initiate the application procedure in university.

So, the Student needs to pay the application + Registration Fee altogether initially. If EaziLine International fails to provide the initial acceptance letter or pre-admission letter issued by the university, Full payment will be refunded. But it the student changes his/her mind because of any reason, the payment will not be refunded.

Management & Admission Charges:

After payment of Application + Registration Fee, we will start the Process of Jw202 and as we get Jw202 by MOE China, student will apply for Study visa X1/X2 in Chinese Embassy with Proper Documentation. As we will get Stamped visa on Passport, Student will clear Management & Admission Charges as Mentioned in every Fee Packages Either in Pakistan or in China Depends upon the Latest rules and regulations.

Tuition Fee:

Tuition Fee is subjected to university only, Student can pay the tuition fee by themselves on arrival or according to the policy of university. Tuition fee once paid is non-refundable policy but if student wants to apply for the refund of tuition fee, he/she needs to follow the policy of university strictly. We have no concern with the tuition fee.

Dormitory or Hostel Fee:

Hostel fee is also subjected to university only. Every Chinese university have their own dormitories inside the campus, they never allowed to stay outside. Hostel fee ranges 4000 RMB to 10,000 RMB. Students can pay the Hostel fee by themselves according to the rules & regulations of university. EaziLine International have no concern with this policy.

Bank Account Details - EaziLine International

Currency: PKR

Branch Code: 0805, Account No: 0105807798
IBAN: PK84MEZN0008050105807798
Swift Code: MEZNPKKA
Type of Account: Current
Branch Name: Peshawar Road Branch, Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN.

Currency = RMB/USD
Bank Name: Bank of China (BOC)
Account Number: 6217587500009729421
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ970
Branch Address: HEIWADO Building, No.88, Huangxing Middle Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China.

Note: After Online Payment please send us Bank Receipt for our Record.