Shihezi University 石河子大学  is the 2nd largest university in Xinjiang province, University Schools predecessor was Established in September 1949 on his way into the People’s Liberation Army liberation of Xinjiang, in April 1996 under the Ministry of Agriculture, Shihezi Agricultural College, Shihezi Medical College, the Corps and the Corps economic College Teachers College merged to form. Shihezi University is a Double First Class University in China. It is the national “211 Project” key construction universities and colleges and universities in western countries.

73 years of Excellence


Double First Class University

400+ Foreign Students

13+ Batches Graduated

26 Affiliated Hospitals

Shihezi University is a Central government university, which is Directly under the Ministry of Education China MOE Listed to teach MBBS in English. Because of MBBS English Medium Approval from MOE China, Shihezi University starts Medical Subjects in first year, There is no requirement of HSK-4 to pass in First year. On admission letter there will be properly mentioned MBBS in English Medium.

Why Shihezi University ?

  1. Shihezi University is Located in Muslim Province Xinjiang. Muslim students can easily adjust in Muslim environment.
  2. There is no problem of Halal Food at all which is economical as well.
  3. Just 2.40 hours Direct Flight from Islamabad to Urumqi (Capital of Xinjiang).
  4. One of the Pioneer Medical University in China Started MBBS in English in 2002.
  5. Shihezi University having highest Passing percentage in FMGE Exam among all NMC Approved Medical Colleges in China.
  6. Shihezi University have Pakistani teacher & foreign expert Dr. Azeem Inayat, he is specialist in physiology.
  7. Shihezi University is Extra Safe and Secure with Strict environment for Students Especially for Girls.
  8. Shihezi City is less expensive and no doubt it is ideal place for students to complete their medical education.

Shihezi University MBBS (English Medium) Fee Structure for Pakistani and International Students 2024:

Degree Awarding = MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Sugary)
Total Seats = 60
Degree Duration6 years ( 5 years of MBBS + 1 year Internship)
Application Fee = 1000 RMB (non-refundable)
Fee Description First Year 2nd to onwards
Tuition Fee 30,000 RMB 30,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 5000 RMB 5000 RMB
Management Charges etc. 13,500 RMB NIL
Insurance, Visa Extension etc. 2000 RMB 1000 RMB
Total in RMB 50,500 RMB 36,000 RMB
Total in USD $7500 $5300
Special Notes:
  • All the Fee Must be paid in Chinese Yuan (RMB), Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Student will pay Admission & Management charges to Consultant’s admission office which are non-refundable after registration in university.
  • Student will pay the Hostel Security 500 RMB (refundable) if asked by SHZU University.
  • Student will pay the Fee in Chinese Yuan on arrival otherwise hostel will not allot to the student.
  • Food, Air Ticket, Electricity, other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the fee package.
  • Student will follow the rules and regulations of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and MOE China as well.

Top Features Shihezi University:

  1. Shihezi University is approved by WHO and Pakistan Medical Commission PMC (Former PMDC).
  2. Shihezi University is a Approved by NMC India and BMDC Bangladesh.
  3. MBBS Graduated students from Shihezi university are eligible to apply for USMLE (America), PLAB (England), AMC (Australia), WFME  and ECFMG Certifications as well.
  4. MBBS Course Duration is 06 years which includes 5 years of Medical Education + 1 year internship.
  5. 13+ batches of international students are graduated. Students were mostly from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, USA and UK.
  6. Maximum students have been passed PMC’s NLE Exam also FCPS – 1 & FCPS- 11 and working in Reputable hospitals of Pakistan, India and abroad especially in Europe & middle east.
  7. More then 500 Foreign Students are Studying in Shihezi University in MBBS Program & Masters, PHD Degree in Medicine & Agriculture subjects.
  8. Shihezi University have highly qualified faculty. Equipped with the most up-to-date teaching and scientific research facilities, Shihezi University is one of the most prestigious universities located in the region.
  9. Shihezi University have inside campus furnished hostels for international students. Students are not allowed to stay outside.
  10. Shihezi University is offering PG Scholarships through Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). PG post graduation in Medicine related programs and Agriculture under CSC Scholarships are running Successfully in Shihezi University.

Shihezi University Departments:

There are currently 41,000 students, including 22,462 ordinary undergraduates, 1,725 ​​general college students, 6,482 master and doctoral students, 9,916 adult students and 415 international students. The school currently has 11 major disciplines including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art.

The school has 97 undergraduate majors (85 enrollment majors), 9 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points (applied economics, biology, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, agricultural engineering, crop science, horticulture, animal husbandry, Business Administration), 1 professional doctoral degree authorization point (civil water conservancy), 30 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, and 30 professional degree master degree authorization points. 4 post-doctoral research stations and 2 post-doctoral research stations.


The Shihezi University has 2,600 faculty members and 1,894 full-time teachers. There are 91 experts at ministerial level or above. There are 355 professors and 706 associate professors. At present, there are 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 32 people selected for national talent projects, 81 experts enjoying special government allowances, 2 “National University Huang Danian-style teacher teams”, 8 people in the Ministry of Education’s “New Century Excellent Talents Support Program”, and other provinces.

Shihezi School of Medicine:

School of Medicine currently has Clinical medicine (MBBS), Basic medicine, Nursing department, Department of Preventive Medicine, Department of Oral Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Department of Medical Imaging, Department of Anesthesiology, Department of Pathology, 9 line; open clinical medicine, nursing science, preventive medicine, Stomatology BDS, Medical imaging, Medical laboratory technology six undergraduate majors, including clinical medicine as a national specialty.

The Medical School has good teaching and research conditions. Shihezi University campus area of 1.82 million square meters, building area of 1.17 million square meters, laboratory area of 150,000 square meters, green coverage rate of 43%. Has a well-equipped library, gymnasium, swimming pool, athletics hall, standard stadiums, halls and comprehensive teaching building and a number of landmarks, has four affiliated hospitals. Schools in 2011 was named “national civilized unit.”

Shihezi University is for the 31 provinces (cities, districts) enrollment
, existing student 40185 people, including 22576 people ordinary junior college students, national defense 485, master and doctoral students 3735 people. School graduates for many years the employment rate remained at 90%. In recent years, the school has won the “college graduates nationwide employment advanced collective”, “national graduate employment 50 universities typical experience,” the honorary title.

Shihezi University Affiliated Hospitals:

The Medical School has four affiliated hospitals (hospitals under one, subordinate hospitals 3), a Clinical College, 22 teaching hospitals, in which 11 top three hospitals, four practice base. 2012, “Education of Medical Personnel Training Mode Reform” project by the Ministry of Education for approval.

College has always focus on building quality, high-quality curriculum, emphasis on students’ practical ability. “Diagnosis and treatment of common oral diseases,” the Ministry of Education approved Class A quality through Quality Education Course.

The First Affiliated Hospital of the Medical College, Shihezi University, founded in 1949, is a comprehensive 3A-grade hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, healthcare, rehabilitation and first aid.

The hospital covers 225,000 square meters, with a construction area of 200,000 sq m. It has 2,000 patient beds. It has 2,106 employees, with 333 holding senior titles, 100 professors and associate professors, 512 doctoral and master’s students, 150 doctoral and master’s supervisors, and 29 experts with a special allowance from the State Council. Annually, it has more than 1 million annual outpatient visits, 53,200 discharged patients and 33,600 surgeries. The hospital has 45 clinical departments, 10 medical technology departments, 14 auxiliary departments and 32 clinical teaching and research departments. It also has eight national key clinical specialties and 19 provincial key clinical specialties.

It also has two sets of 3.0T and 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging system, 16-row spiral CT machine, 64-row VCT and three other CTs, a high-energy linear accelerator, an analog positioning machine, and other high-end equipment. The school has 7269 students in the school at all levels, including undergraduate students 33 1 5, 8 graduate 82 people, students 2 85 people for adult 2670 people, vocational 117 people.

Our Authorization Letter:

In 2011, EaziLine International Signed Shihezi University to enroll International students for MBBS Study in SHZU. We have Exclusively enrolled 11 batches of international students from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UK and USA. Here is attached our official authorization Letter by Shihezi University School of Medicine.

Admission Criteria:

Student must have Minimum 60% in Science Subjects (English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology). Student must be healthy and under the age of 25 years. Submit following documents to us in clear scan form to start application procedure in Shihezi University or students can apply through Online Portal to process application.

  • Matric/SSC Document
  • FSc/HSSC Mark sheet
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One Digital photo with white background.
  • Filled application Form
  • Applicant Assessment Form
  • Signed Fee Package in Scan

Peking University Supports Shihezi University

Since 2001, Peking University has been supporting Shihezi University for a long time; in 2010, with Peking University as the team leader, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University as the deputy team leaders, Chongqing University, Jiangnan University, Foreign Economic Relations The university team, which is a member unit of China International Trade University, Nanjing Normal University and South China Agricultural University, supports Shihezi University.

For Admissions in Shihezi University Contact:

EaziLine International (official & Exclusive Representative)

Rawalpindi Pakistan (Head office)

Malik M. Touqeer | +92-333-5558461
Office # 0334-5558461, Landline # 051-5491141
Address : 304-G, First floor, Amna plaza, Main Peshawar road, Near Maryam Hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Lahore Pakistan (Branch office)
Malik M. Hafeez #+92-333-5559873
Office # 0303-5559873
Address : Office # G-29, Garden heights, Opposite Mughal-e-Azam Fort, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.

China office Address:
300 Xueshi Lu, Hanpu Science and Education Zone, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan China.
300 学士路含浦岳麓区长沙湖南中国
WhatsApp # +86-15580806357, E-mail:,  Wechat 微信 : EaziLineCN

Authorized Admission office (Sri Lanka)

Mr. Suren Gunasekara
West Eastern Education (Private) Limited
Mobile/Whats-App # +94 760 998 925
E-mail: ​
Address: No. 85/1, Dr. N. M. Perera Mawatha, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka.

Foreign Medical Faculty and Foreign Expert Dr.Azeem Inayat
Medical School with 2550 Staff, 1665 full time teachers
04 Affiliated Hospitals and 22 Teaching Hospitals
1st affiliated hospital founded in 1949, AAA Grade Hospital
13 Batches of Foreign Students graduated from SHZU

Frequently Asked Questions FAQS !

Is HSK-4 Compulsory to Pass in 1st year ?

No. HSK-4 is not compulsory to pass in first year. Student needs to pass HSK-4 before internship year. Shihezi University starts Medical subjects in first year alongside the Chinese language subjects.

Is Shihezi university Double First Class University in China ?

Yes, Shihezi University is a Double First Class University in China. Double First Class Universities are Actually 5% of the total number of Chinese higher education institutions (3,012) which represents the most elite part of the higher education in China. Shihezi University is also Project 211 University which aims to support universities in their research standards and capacity.

Is Shihezi University Recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental council (PMDC) ?

Yes, Shihezi Medical University is approved by PMDC. It is one of the Famous MOE Listed University offering MBBS in English, Follow the link List of 45 MOE China Listed Universities . MBBS Degree by Shihezi University is internationally recognized. Students can apply for USMLE, PLAB, GMC, AMC and other licensing exams as well.

Is Shihezi University offering MBBS or MB ?

Shihezi University is offering MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor Surgery) in English Medium. Shihezi University teaches surgery subjects during MBBS Degree. Students can visit the link to get more details about MBBS Syllabus.

Which Medical University in China have the highest passing Ratio in MCI Licensing Exam ?

Shihezi University having highest Passing percentage in FMGE Exam among all NMC Approved Medical Colleges in China. The University is located in Xinjiang Province in China and founded in 1949. Shihezi University is at No.1 Position in MCI Licensing examination, Follow the link 

When Shihezi University Starts hospital rotations ?

Shihezi University starts Clinical rotation from the 6th Semester.

In Which Medium Shihezi University is offering MBBS ?

Shihezi University is offering MBBS in English Medium. It is one of the Pioneer Medical Started MBBS in English in 2002. It is one of the TOP MOE LISTED University in the list of top 45 Medical Schools in China.

What is the Tuition fee of Shihezi University ?

MBBS Tuition Fee of Shihezi University is 30,000 RMB/Year. MBBS Degree Duration is 6 years which includes 5 years of Medical Study and 1 year of Internship.

Is Shihezi University offering Scholarship in MBBS ?

Shihezi University offers Scholarships to excellent student at the end of every year which are performance based. Students needs to follow the rules and regulations to get these scholarships awarded by SHZ university.

What are the monthly expenses of food in Shihezi University ?

As Shihezi University is located in Muslim province, So food expenses are less as compared to mainland and it is approx. 600 RMB – 800 RMB per month.

Have Shihezi University Muslim Canteens in the Campus ?

Shihezi University is located in the Muslim province of Xinjiang. More than 40,000 students from all over the China are studying in different programs in Shihezi University. University have 3 Muslim canteen inside the campus to provide Chinese Muslim food for its local Muslim students as well as for Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi Muslim students.

International building have public kitchen for international students as well. Students can cook the food according to their own choice as well. Every 2nd Shop in Shihezi City is owned by Chinese Muslims, So there is no problem of Halal Muslim food in Shihezi University for international students.

When the Summer and Winter Holidays Start in Shihezi University ?

  • 2oth January to 25th February (Winter Holidays)
  • 20th October to 30th August (Summer Holidays)

Note: Usually, Holidays in Shihezi University decided according to the festival of New year in China.

Is Shihezi University Safe ?

Shihezi is very safe and secure for international students. University have inside campus hostels for international students. Security Cameras are installed everywhere to provide Secure environment. Right now more than 45,000 Chinese students and more than 500 foreign students are studying with more than 20 nationality students.

Is Shihezi University Nearest to Pakistan ?

Shihezi University is located very Near to Pakistan. There are direct flights from Islamabad and Lahore. The Flight duration is approx. 2 hours and 50 minutes only. After Landing at Urumqi airport, Student can travel towards university by bus or by taxi.

Have Shihezi University Pakistani teachers ?

Shihezi University have one Foreign Expert and teacher from Pakistan Dr. Azeem Inayat, He is teaching Physiology in Shihezi University since many years.

Welcome to the Beautiful, Peaceful & Top Tourist City Shihezi.