Avicenna Tajik State Medical University (ATSMU) is a public university in Tajikistan. Established in 1939, it is located in Capital of Tajikistan Dushanbe and named after Avicenna. It is managed by the Ministry of Health and is the only higher medical education facility in Tajikistan preparing medical personnel for the country. There are 4 Departments in Tajik State Medical University,

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Department of Public health

Why Choose ATSMU:

  • PMC “A” Listed University & recognized by WHO (World health organization).
  • Located in Dushanbe, Capital of Tajikistan.
  • ATSMU is approved by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC A List University) Students can appear in PMC’s NLE Exam after Graduation.
  • Foreign students from different nationalities Pakistan, India, Nepal & others are studying MBBS/MD in Avicenna Tajik State Medical University.

MBBS/MD Fee Package Tajik State Medical University 2022-2023:

Admission Invitation Letter = 300 U$D
First Semester fee package = 3400 U$D
Included: Tuition Fee, Management Charges, Translation & Nostrification , Airport Pickup etc.
2nd Semester to 10th (Every Semester) | Tuition fee = 22,50 U$D
Other Expenses:

Student needs to pay for the following as well, which is extra to above mentioned fee package.

  • Hostel Fee (per semester) = 300$
  • Mess Charges (per semester) = 600$
  • Visa Extension + Medical = 200$
  • Air Ticket on way = Approx. 400$
Important Points to read !
  • Student will pay the First Semester Fee on arrival in U$D. Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Student will follow the policies of College & Education Department of Tajikistan.
  • Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Indian Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical Commission PMC, Bangladeshi & National Medical Council of India respectively.

History & Details of Tajik State Medical University:

Since its establishment in 1939, the medical university has educated more than 35,000 highly skilled medical personnel working not only inside the country, but abroad as well. One of the primary goals of the University is to adjust the national system of medical education – structures, contents, terms and quality to the both international standards and requirements to the quality of a professional training, that will allow Tajikistan to join the world community of medical education and provide the development of the international cooperation in the field of training and advancing the professional skill of the medical staff.

The University successfully proceeds on a direction of improving the quality of the public standard of the medical education and the development of new curricula and programs according to the requirements of the World Federation for Medical Education. Great attention is being paid to the constant improvement of the quality of medical education, and the quality of training the medical staff on a whole.

Academic profile :

University is considered a key scientific-methodical base of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, and the majority of achievements in the sphere of public health services of the country are directly connected with the activity of its professors. Each year the staff of the University carries out over 15000 surgical operations and over 45000 remedial and consultative actions that makes about 60% of all medical interventions to be carried out in the healthcare facilities of the city of Dushanbe.

Realization of research activity in the field of public health is one of the most important directions of the University activity, and an occasion for pride is that ATSMU has achieved the outstanding successes in scientific sphere. So, during recent 5 years 114 PhD and Doctor Theses were defended, 4984 articles and 35 monographs were published, 157 discoveries and the interventions have been defended by the patents.

The mandate of the University is to train high-qualified medical personnel according to the needs of the population of Tajikistan. To perform this task ATSMU has 796 faculty members working in 63 chairs, where the majority are outstanding and highly professional scientists. The University has four faculties – Medical, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical and Public Health Faculty. The total number of students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels makes 8844, including over 500 international students from 15 countries, such as Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan etc.

Campus of Tajik State Medical University:

The library fund of the University consists of 680334 items of educational, medical and scientific literature, including 151100 electronic books. The University has the well equipped electronic library, connected to the Internet, accessible to all beneficiaries. Taking into consideration the available resources and a spectrum of opportunities, the University library is considered to be the best specialized medical library in the country.

During the last years the capacity of the University was strengthened by opening various resources, scientific and clinical centers, such as Stem Cells Laboratory, Evidence based Medicine Centre, Drug Information Centre, Educational-clinical Centre “Stomatology”, Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Clinical Skills Centre etc. Some centers and the laboratories working within framework of the ATSMU are unique in the republic, and provide methodological support to scientific and medical establishments at the national level.

International cooperation :

ATSMU is included in the catalogue of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Directory of the Medical Universities of the WHO – World Health Organization. The improvement of the quality of education and advancement of the level of training of the medical staff for the system of public health of the country is the priority goal of the management of the University. To attain this goal the experience of the best foreign medical educational institutions and also all existing real opportunities of the University itself are adopted.

MBBS/MD in Tajikistan for Pakistani Students 2022-2023:

MBBS in Tajikistan for Pakistani students is the famous destination for Pakistani students, and the Medical colleges in Tajikistan are recognized & Universities are green listed by Pakistan Medical Commission PMC. Pakistani students can appear in PMC’s NLE Exam soon after the graduation from Tajik medical universities. A large number of Pakistani, Indian students are studying in Tajikistan for MBBS/MD degree in English Medium. Some Universities in Tajikistan are also offering BDS Dentistry program in English Medium as well.


MBBS in Tajikistan is economical, easy to get admission and as a Muslim country, easy to adjust. MBBS Fee Structure of Tajikistan Medical Universities ranges between 4500$ to 5000$ Per year for Pakistan students wishing to study MBBS/MD.

Dushanbe is the Capital city of Tajikistan. There are many well-known, highly ranked and reputed universities in Tajikistan which are offering MBBS & MD to international students from all over the world. Best Advantage of studying MD (Doctor of Medicine) in Tajikistan is the affordable cost of education with lowest tuition fee and low cost hostel & living for international students.

MD Degree & Syllabus: 

Duration of MBBS/MD Course is 06 years in Tajikistan for international students. The Syllabus in Tajikistan medical universities are same as according to the Pakistani & Indian medical colleges. Universities are WHO Recognized and students graduated from Tajikistan with MBBS/MD Degree are qualified for ECFMG & other international certifications.

As an essential part of Medical education, universities are providing good practical facilities so that they can test their knowledge about medicine & body complex issues. After the 6th Semester of Medical study in Tajikistan , students goes to the Affiliated hospitals and practice under the supervision of senior doctors. Most of the Kyrgyzstan universities arranged foreign teachers from Pakistan, India, Nepal to deliver the medical lectures in English.

Eligibility & Requirements:

Students must have Minimum 60% Marks in FSc/A-levels with Medical Subjects. Admission Process is almost same for all the Tajik universities for international students. Universities issues the admission letter in normally 3-5 working days and after admission confirmation letter students need to pay for the Invitation letter. Visa invitation letter by Foreign Ministry takes 20-30 days normally. MBBS/MD students arrival time in Tajikistan is October/November & classes starts soon after the deadline of registration.

Required Documents:

All these documents must be properly scanned by the scanner machine, not by the mobile scanner.

  1. Passport first page Scan
  2. SSC/O Levels Document
  3. HSSC or A Levels Document
  4. Police Clearance Report
  5. Medical Check up Report
  6. Fresh photo with white back ground

Living Expenses:

In Dushanbe or any other city of Tajikistan living cost is comparatively low & affordable as compared to other counties. Even in Dushanbe (Capital) the living cost per month for international students are about 150 U$D to 200 U$D per month. But if student wants to stay in Campus it is much economical for international students. In Campus Hostels are Furnished, Secure & Separate hostels for female students wishing to study in Tajikistan. Indian & Halal food easily available in Campus, also in some universities there is Indian/Muslim Mess for the students.

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