Asian tiger South Korea separated from North Korea in 1948. At the time of partition economy of South Korea was below danger level and country was at very miserable position. At that time people of South Korea decided to struggle against poverty. With hard struggle and great devotion South Korea has become brand name of quality in the field of technology, tourism, education and lot more. The Asian Tiger South Korea not only progressed in the field of science and technology but in the field of education also. Capital city Seoul has become one of the world’s top 10 international student cities.

The key factor of South Korea’s development is investment in education and research. The government makes policies in favor of education, research and development. These policies made South Korea world’s 11TH largest economy and Asia’s 4th largest economy. Investment in education sector played a vital role in the development of country.  Hard work and innovative approach of South Korean highly qualified professional stands the country with other three Asian Tigers Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong within few years.

South Korea is also known as homeland of brands. Samsung, Daewoo, Hyundai, LG and other brands are most popular in consumer market from last two decades. Quality of these brands gives the permanent place in most houses of the world. Korean products make their place in the international market only because of their quality and by giving customers complete satisfaction.

To spread the great vision of South Korean universities, government made favorable policies to attract international students. Government planned in 2004 to attract at least 100,000 foreign students till 2012 and in 2011 there were almost 85000 international students were studying in South Korea. Now government set a target for 200,000 foreign students by year 2020.

Universities in South Korea are opening new international campus to facilitate the increasing quantity of foreign students. Yonsei University also opened new campuses in country. Five international universities also opened their campuses in South Korea like Inchon Global Campus (IGC), State University of New York (SUNY) etc.

South Korea is good place to live. It has lot of attractions for tourists and students. Beautiful national parks, atop mountain peaks, dense forests, Buddhist temple, peaceful and calm islands, public bath houses (jjimjibang) and many more.  Being student is very unique experience in South Korea. Students are considered very special in South Korea. During school exams schedule of flights and stock exchange changed to minimize the noise to provide a peaceful environment to the students. South Korean universities are providing world class facilities to students with comparatively less fees.


There are 50.62 million people living in South Korea according to 2016 population census. This is access population as compare to its total area, but government used this men power positively and made South Korean economy 11 largest economy in the world. The South Korean’s economy disturbed several times due to international financial crisis but every time government and think tanks of south Korea always find a way to overcome on these financial crisis. Per capita income of South Korea is US $ 34,647. It is an ideal place for business as it was given 5th the rank out of 190 for business in 2016. Minimum wage rate is 6470 KRW/US $ 5.76 per hour, which is good in country like South Korea for living. The living standard of South Korean people is good as compare to other countries of Asia.

2020-2021 Admissions for Pakistani Students in South Korea

Higher education institutions of South Korea are always welcome Pakistani / international students. There is lot of Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs offered to students by universities every year which are taught in English. The admission process is varied from one university to other university.  Students can apply for admission to their desired university by post or online. There are two study sessions in a year, first session commence in March and second session commence in September. Students who wish to take admission for March session normally need to apply from September to November. And for September session deadline for application is May to June. International students must know a bit Korean language to settle in South Korean society.

Pre-qualification required for Education in Korea :

Admissions decisions are based on the overall evaluation of candidates academic achievements and potential as well as his or her personal accomplishments. Interviews, examinations screening and/or additional documents may be required, depending on the policy of the specific college or department.

For Undergraduate Programs : You can apply to study a Bachelor’s degree from year one if you have completed a Junior College Diploma or if you have successfully completed one year of undergraduate study. You can also apply for a UG course on successful completion of a one-year foundation programme, such as our International College Foundation Certificate.
For the Masters Programs : You need to have a Bachelor’s degree with good grades to apply for postgraduate courses.
For Doctorate/ PhD Programs: You need to have successfully completed a Master’s degree with good grades to be considered for a research programme.


Fees in South Korea is low as compare to European countries and United States. Korean universities fee is about same as Chinese Universities. Most of the higher education institutions of South Korea are state funded. You are not demanded excess fee than local students, actually fee is same for local and international students. MBBS (Medical Study) , Engineering Programs , Management programs in Korea are successfully running for international students. Fees of different courses and universities are varying from one institute to another institute. Normally state universities charge US $ 2000 to US $ 4500 per semester for different under graduate programs. Private universities charges US $ 3000 to US $ 6000 per semester. Normally under graduates programs consist of 8 semesters (four years), but medical, dentistry and medicine programs consist of 12 semesters (six years.) South Korean government offered scholarships to international students every year. So there is lot of Korean scholarship for international students. The amount of these scholarships is different. These scholarships are given to students on merit basis. Korean scholarships for Pakistani students 2016 were awarded to lot of intelligent students of Pakistan. Some scholarships are given for complete studies including air fare and living expense, but large number of scholarships is given equal to Full Tuition Fee or 30% tuition fee. These scholarships are given under Global Korea Scholarship (GKS). Korean government scholarship program for international students for an undergraduate course is also available, students should check these scholarships on official website of university. Korean government scholarship 2017 application form are available on websites & also the official consultants of Korean universities can provide to the students .


Students are allowed to do part time jobs in South Korea ( according to rules & regulations of Korean Government ), students are usually allowed to work for 20 hours per week which is half of full time jobs 40 hours. Minimum wage rate is 6470 KRW/US $ 5.76 per hour. Students can do part time job such as newspaper distribution, bar tender, waiter / waitress at restaurants, salesman or salesgirl at shopping mall, work at fast food shop, and work at school as English teacher etc. As an English teacher in some cases you can earn 25000 to 30000 KRW/ Hour. Searching a part time job without knowing Korean Language is not easy. Korean speaking student have lot more opportunity to find good and well paid job.
Note : You can search job through recruitment agencies, internet, local newspaper, job notice outside the restaurant / stores/ bars/ cafes, university’s notice board etc. Our Company is not providing any service to getting or finding job in South Korea for students and others.


Pakistani / international students need D-2 visa to study in South Korea. This visa can be obtained from Korean embassy in Islamabad Pakistan or your home country. To get visa for South Korea you need to fulfill Korean visa requirements for Pakistani students, which are given below:

  • Admission confirmation letter from university.
  • Correctly completed application form.
  • Certificate of recent school record.
  • Fee payment proof of university (minimum one semester fee should paid).
  • Pictures and other proof of identity. (ID card of students or guardian)
  • Bank statement with sufficient fund to cover university fees and daily living expense.

These are the general requirements for student residence permit for South Korea, for further detail you must visit the website of South Korean embassy in Pakistan (visa section).


  • Seoul National University
  • KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
  • Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
  • Korea University
  • Sungkyunkwan University
  • Yonsei University
  • Hanyang University
  • Kyung Hee University
  • Ewha Womans University


South Korea is the land of opportunities for Pakistani students. Fee in South Korea is very affordable as it starts from 2000 US$ per semester. Part time jobs are easy to find for students from Pakistan as compare to other countries in the world due to its industrial society. wages are very handsome. You may cover the big portion of your living expenses and tuition fee by doing part time jobs. you may have some cultural shocks there due to their way of living and food culture. South Korean people welcome the international student community. Check their statistics. we rate it 4 out of 5 for this awesome Asian country.

Thank you.