Details of SALYMBEKOV University Faculty of Medicine Kyrgyzstan:

  1. Lowest & affordable fee schedule for 05 years MD/ MBBS in Kyrgyzstan.
  2. More than 200+ foreign students from different countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal & others) are studying MBBS/MD in Salymbekov Medical University.
  3. Many Female students are also studying in Salymbekov University for MBBS/MD study in Secure environment. Hostels are furnished & Separate for females.
  4. MBBS’s Course Duration is 05 years including 1 year of Clinical Internship.
  5. Medical Faculty Salymbekov University of  have 02 affiliated hospitals.
  6. The degree is accordance to PM&DC/MCI guidelines & degree is equivalent to Medical graduates of WHO.
  7. SALYMBEKOV Medical College Started MBBS Program in English Medium in 2019 for Foreign Students.

Fee Structure of MBBS in Salymbekov University Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 2021-2022 :

Fee Package for 5 years MBBS/MD Degree (English Medium):

There are 10 Semesters in Salymbekov Medical Faculty for 05 years MBBS/MD Program.
First Semester fee Package = 2800 U$D
Included: Tuition Fee, Management Charges, Airport Pickup etc.
2nd Semester to 10th (Every Semester) | Tuition Fee = 1400 U$D

Other Expenses (Extra to Fee Package):

  • Hostel Fee (per semester) = 300 U$D
  • Mess/Food (per month) = Approx. 100 U$D
  • Residence Permit/Visa Extension = Approx. 100 U$D
  • Medical Checkup fee = Approx. 50 U$D
  • Air Ticket = Approx. 300$-400$
Important Points to read !
  • Student will pay Visa on arrival fee (E-Visa) 100 U$D before departure.
    ⊕ What is E-Visa fee ? it is the same visa fee that was charged on arrival on bishkek airport, after march 2020 Kyrgyz government changed the policy and charging same visa on arrival fee in advance.
  • Student will pay the First Semester Fee on arrival in U$D. Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Student will pay 2nd Semester’s Fee according to the university policy when they will ask.
  • Student will pay the health insurance fee by themselves if asked.
  • Student will follow the policies & rules of College & Education Department of Kyrgyzstan.
  • Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Indian Students will follow the Policy of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, Bangladeshi & Indian Medical Council’s Policy Respectively.

MBBS Admission Process in Salymbekov Medical University Bishkek :

Salymbekov University Kyrgyzstan issues the admission letter in normally 3-5 working days and after admission confirmation letter students need to pay 300$ to the EaziLine International for the Visa invitation letter by the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Kyrgyz Republic. Visa invitation letter by Foreign Ministry takes 20-30 days normally.

Salymbekov University accepting international students for MBBS/MD degree program 2 times in one year, Fall & Spring intake or you can say September and January/February/March intake, but if the seats filled timely , Salymbekov University will only accepts the applications for September intake. Age limit in Salymbekov University is 30 years for MBBS/MD. MBBS/BDS students arrival time in Salymbekov University is October or November & classes starts soon after the deadline of registration. Generally, the students who expect more than 60% in their 10+2 level / HSSC can reserve their seats at Salymbekov University from the beginning and do not wait for the last minute. Almost 80% of the seats are filled up in September-October every year.

In order to ensure your admission at Salymbekov University, you just need to pay the Application Fees and submit the following Documents ;

  1. SSC Transcript or Certificate
  2. HSSC Transcripts / Certificate
  3. Note : result awaiting applicants can also apply on the basis of Hope Certificate by College.
  4. Passport First page Scan Copy
  5. Fresh photo with white back ground
  6. Medical check up Report
  7. Police Clearance Certificate

After Sending these Scan documents in our email ( ) , we will provide the admission letter by the university in 5-7 working days, and hence the admission process will be start.

Salymbekov University Kyrgyzstan for Pakistani & Foreign students 2021-2022

History of Salymbekov University:

The Salymbekov University institution is a modern educational institution focused on introducing the educational system in the Kyrgyz Republic according to the standards of leading European and Asian educational institutions, paying special attention not only to the application of new teaching methods in their educational processes, but also to the formation of a universal platform that will contribute to the formation of a quality human resource.

The Salymbekov University Institution, founded in 2019, is a direct continuation of previously launched educational projects of the Askar Salymbekov Foundation, from 2012, which identified the most important areas for stimulating the development of human resources, education, science and the formation of a new generation of enlightened youth. The Fund has implemented many major projects related to the education of schoolchildren and students, with the publication of books, with the holding of seminars, round tables, forums and other platforms for various companies, organizations and educational institutions, as well as events with the participation of international lecturers. All these projects allowed to educate and enlighten more than 25 thousand people.

So in 2014, the Foundation launched a successful educational project for young people – the Public School “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan”, which had a huge positive effect on the new generation. Its unique, unparalleled, comprehensive training courses and motivational studies gave students and young people the opportunity to master the so-called “Soft skills”, new knowledge and skills for personal growth and the formation of leadership qualities. Despite the fact that this school was conceived as a platform for training only 100 people, its work on this did not stop. Numerous positive reviews and requests became the reason for the continuation of this initiative, and subsequent enrollments to this school began. To date, about 1100 students and youth representatives of Kyrgyzstan have become graduates of 11 streams of the public school “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan”.

Salymbekov university ranking is better as compared to other universities in bishkek. University have Successful experience with a public school for students and youth, as well as feedback and appeals from the population, prompted the launch of similar educational projects for other age groups. So, in 2016, the public school “Young Leaders of Kyrgyzstan”, adapted for them, was launched for high school students of secondary schools, in which about 800 high school students completed their education. Since 2017, an educational project was launched under the name of the Public School “Future Leaders of Kyrgyzstan” for students in middle and lower grades, the total number of graduates of this school is about 450 people. Children were not left without attention, especially for them, in 2018, an educational project for preschool children “Smartik” was launched.

The important step in our development was 2017, when all of the above projects were combined into one project, namely, the Salymbekov Business School, whose activities were focused on such 5 areas as the Leadership School (covering educational projects for all ages groups), “School of Business and Management”, “STEM School”, “Language School” and “Schools of Intensive Development”. At the same time, special attention was paid to the promotion and popularization of the English language in the Kyrgyz Republic, where through the implementation of key projects and initiatives the process of developing a multilingual education system was launched.

Positive feedback and thanks from the capital’s school children and students, one-time educational activities in the regional centers caused a wave of requests from residents of the regions of the country who asked to open similar schools with them. On the basis of this, the scaling process of the Salymbekov Business School based on the principles of social entrepreneurship was launched, i.e., an educational project with a socio-economic orientation was implemented. Branches of the Business School were opened in the cities of Jalal-Abad, Osh, Batken, Karakol, Talas Naryn, Balykchy and in the villages of At-Bashy and Novo-Pokrovka. These branches, like the head school in Bishkek, are focused on the upbringing and formation of a new generation of educated, independent and responsible youth and future leaders. As part of these public schools, additional modern education is provided, which is not included in the curriculum of general educational and higher educational institutions of the country.

Thanks to the successful experience and practice in implementing educational programs and projects, and also because of the urgent need to introduce modern methods and programs for the training of highly qualified and sought-after personnel, it was decided to establish a new educational institution “Salymbekov University” institution, whose priority objectives are five important directions, including such areas as: Medical education,IT sphere, Vocational education, Economics and Law, and also Agriculture.

Faculty Of Medicine Salymbekov University:

The Salymbekov University is university with modern and innovative medical equipment, modern and beautiful building and highly competitive medical faculty, most of them with medical education and experience and fluent in English. One of the first areas of our University is the Faculty of Medicine, where the training of highly qualified medical personnel in demand in our country and abroad will be carried out according to international standards. The use of effective teaching methods and modern educational programs ensures the high competitive ability of our graduates both in the domestic and foreign labor market, and also allows them to successfully implement his work in the international arena. Our University prepares medical personnel according to international standards with the conduct of the learning process in English.

The Salymbekov University is open-wide international university not only for domestic students, but also for foreign students. The medical education students will take from International Medical Faculty. With practical studies, the theoretical and humanitarian subjects are also will be covered. Clinical disciplines and practical seminars will be held in special equipped classes with human dummies and medical tools such as microscopes, chemical and physics equipment. The best teachers and leading specialists of from Kyrgyz and foreign countries are involved in the learning process. The main task is to satisfy the educational services market, ensure the export of knowledge and implement the program for the successful implementation of multilingual education in Kyrgyzstan. The main educational programs are developed in accordance with the requirements of state educational standards. Duration of education is 6 years for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and 5 years for foreign students. At the end of the University, the graduate is awarded the qualification “Doctor”.

The medical faculty of the Salymbekov University Institution began to carry out its educational activities in the specialty “General Medicine”, with a training program for students from Kyrgyzstan with a study period of 6 years and for students from near and far abroad countries with a study period of 5 years.

The main educational program of higher professional education, implemented at our University in the specialty 560001- “General Medicine”, is a set of documents developed and approved by the university taking into account the requirements of the labor market based on the state educational standard of higher professional education in the relevant specialty. The normative period for the development of this six-year program in the specialty “Doctor” 560001 “General Medicine” on the basis of secondary general or secondary / higher vocational education only for full-time education is 6 years.

  • The total complexity of the development of the program is 360 credits (credits):
  • The complexity for the academic year is 60 credits.
  • The complexity of one semester is 30 credits with a two-semester construction of the educational process.
  • One credit (credit unit) is equivalent to 30 hours of student’s academic work (including his classroom, independent work and all types of certification).
  • The total duration of 2-hour classes – 90 min, 3-hour classes – 135 min.
  • The academic year ends in time, according to the curriculum and calendar schedules of the university.
  • The total amount of vacation time in the school year is 7-10 weeks, including at least two weeks in the winter.
  • The maximum student workload per week is set by the State Educational Standard for 45 hours.

In the implementation of educational activities, the University provides:

  • Implementation of disciplines (modules) through training sessions (including the ongoing monitoring of academic performance and intermediate certification of students)
  • Implementation of practices (including certification of students) and state final certification of students.

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