Chinese Language has been gaining strong acquaintance & Importance all over the world recently because of the rising influence of China specially in the domain of trade & Economics. It is now considered to be one of the fastest growing languages across the globe because of the rising influence of the Belt and Road Project of Chinese Government, thus letting the Chinese giant companies spread across the globe. Another benefit, specially the developing countries gain from this is the job opportunities which are created because of the spreading of these Chinese companies across the globe, not just as translators but also the engineers and technicians who speak, read, write and understand Chinese language and the culture are welcomed by these companies because these are the real people who can bridge the gap between China and their own motherland.
This is where EaziLine International comes in to play, bringing onboard those students who wish to gain from the rising influence and the benefits of China and learning Chinese language. EaziLine International helps the students to get scholarships of different kinds to learn Chinese in China.

The Scholarships offering for international students by Chinese Government have a different Categories are:

  1. One Road One Belt Scholarship
  2. Chinese Scholarship Council Scholarships (CSC)
  3. Local government Scholarships
  4. University Presidential Scholarships
  5. University Partial Scholarships

if Scholarships offered by university, Student will get Jw202 and if the Scholarship is offered by Chinese Scholarship Council Student will get Jw201 in that case. Beware of Fake and wandering agents, must use professional agency so that you can save your money and time.

Documents Required for applying Chinese language Scholarships in China:

  • SSC- Junior high school document (Grade 10)
  • HSC- Senior high school document (Grade 12)
  • English Proficiency Letter by High School/University (if needed)
  • HSK Requirements (if needed in the special requirements)
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check up on Chinese physical form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • One photo with white background.
  • Students can send these documents to our official Email ( ) to start the procedure.
  • 02 Recommendation Letters (for master degree students)
  • Study or Research plan with more than 800+ words. (if needed)

Currently the scholarships for Chinese language offered by EaziLine International to its students are as follows:

Type A.
Full Scholarship for Bachelor in Chinese Language covering Tuition, Accommodation and Insurance along with a Monthly Stipend of RMB 1000.
Type B. Degree Program:
Full Scholarship for the first degree i.e Bachelor in Chinese Language covering Tuition, Accommodation and Insurance along with a Monthly Stipend of RMB 2,500.
Type C. Only for ASEAN Countries:

1 year Chinese Language Program covering Tuition and Accommodation along with a Monthly Stipend of RMB 940 (Given for 10 months in a year)

China is one of the developing countries which offer Semi-funded/Partial and Fully-Funded scholarships to the almost all the countries of the world. China offers normally Bachelors, Masters, PG (post graduation), MPhil and Ph.D. in several programs of Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Medical/ Biological Sciences, Business Education, Engineering and Technology etc. Students can be apply thorough the authorized agent of any university. The authorized agency will charge the Scholarship Seat charges according to their policy and apply for you. Some Scholarships are announced for Special nominated Countries like European countries like USA, UK students. These days Chinese government wants to invite some ASEAN & CIS Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Kazakhstan for Medical Study on full scholarships but it is not for all the universities, every Chinese College/University & provincial government have their own policy.