The beautiful and small country Latvia is situated in Northern Europe. This former Russian state consists of 64,589 square km. This small country has all the beauty of Europe. Latvia shares land border with Russia, Estonia, Belarus and Lithuania. it also share marine border with Sweden. Its population is only 1.91 million in 2019 which is not bad as compare to its area. The official language is Latvian, but Russian, German and English languages are also spoken in the country. Capital of Latvia is Riga which is most beautiful and biggest city of Latvia. Historical buildings and ancient culture of Latvia can be found anywhere in Riga. This small country has very colorful traditions which attract the tourists very much. Latvian are very interesting and soft nature people.They welcome tourists and international students.

The history of this small country is full of struggle against big European powers. This struggle is consist of centuries. German ruled on this small land from 13th century to 1561. Poland took over rule from Germans i n 1562. The rule of Poland come to end in 1629 when Sweden conquered this poor land and ruled on Latvia till 1721. Russian took over the hold of Latvia after 1721 and ruled over Latvian ti ll 1918. I n 1917, Latvian started struggle against Russian rule and finally got freedom on 18 November 1918. The freedom of Latvia finished over 22 years when Germans snatched the freedom of Latvia in 1941 to 1944. Russia took over Latvia again again in 1941 and kept it under Soviet union .Latvia got freedom from Soviet Union in 1990 and started its own government under the name of Republic of Latvia. From 1991 Latvian democracy started its journey towards development, and hard work of Latvian people appreciated by European Union and gifted them membership of Europe (EU) in 2004. After getting the membership of European Union (EU) the development of Latvia increased rapidly and in January 2014 Latvia was enter in Euro club. From 2014 Euro is used as currency in Latvia.

Benefits of Study & Work in Latvia Europe :  

The education System in Latvia is similar like European study systemStudents can legally do 20 hours per week part time job along with their studies. The cost of living is very low in Latvia comparative to the standard of living. More than 6,500 International Students enroll in Latvian Universities every year. First level of study is Pre-school education (equal to metric in Pakistan) , second level is upper­ secondary  education (equal to intermediate in Pakistan) and  third  level is higher education comprises on bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Higher education institutions of Latvia offers lots of academic and professionals study programs. Study in Latvia for Pakistani students is a great opportunity. Pakistani students can study and work in Latvia. Lots of Latvian graduates are serving in world’s top companies.

Further are more reasons why studying in Latvia is a good option for International Students:-

  • Many wonderful programs are offered to the International Students.
  • All the Programs are taught in English for Foreign Students.
  • IELTS or TOFEL are not required as Compulsory for Pakistani Students.
  • Latvian degrees are globally acknowledged.
  • Latvia have reasonable cost of living.
  • It’s economically a rich country so students have many future opportunities.
  • An amazing atmosphere for academic life which motivates students.
  • The tuition fee is less comparative to other countries.
  • It provides scholarships to the brilliant students.
  • Availability of different fields of study. So Latvia offers choices in programs. Students can select course as per their engrossment.
  • Wide job market for the International Students.


Deadline for admission can be varying from one institute to another institute. Latvia University are accepting international students 2 times in one year, Fall & Spring intake or you can say September and January/February/March intake, but if the seats filled timely Universities will only accepts the applications for September intake.

The higher education institutes of Latvia do not charge high fees. Fees of different study programs can be vary from university to university or course to course. Normal y fees starts from 1800 Euro per year for 3 to 4 year study programs to 15000 Euro. Low fees Package is for study fields like Arts,literature, engineering, science,commerce,computer software sciences,information technology etc.The study programs like medicine (MBBS), pharmacy and dentistry (BDS)are charged 12000 Euro to 15000 Euro per year. However,Master of Business Administration (MBA) is bit expensive, universities charge 25000 Euro per year for MBA and MBA Executive programs. Cost of Living in Latvia is Less than most of European countries. Student cities like Riga are affordable for students. Cost of Living depends on the living style of students. Basic necessities of life are more economical in Latvia then other European countries. Normally a student needs 500 Euro to 700 Euro per month to live in Latvia.


After getting admission in higher education institution Pakistani students are required to apply Latvia visa for study. You can apply for visa to Latvian embassy in Islamabad. Latvia visa fees is about 350 EURO. Following are the Latvia visa requirements for Pakistani & International students applying for Study visa.

  • Passport Scan 1 to 4th page (6 months validity is compulsory)
  • Education Documents (10+2) in Scan Form.
  • Visa application form
  • One photograph (size 2 x 2 with white background)
  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA.
  • Invoice for Tuition Fee (refundable in case of visa rejection)
  • Accommodation confirmation letter (hostel confirmation from university/rental deed of flat)
  • Invoice for security deposit (refundable in case of visa rejection)
  • University admission confirmation letter
  • Official invitation of Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.
  • Bank Statement with Minimum 6000 Euro closing balance.


Pakistani and international students can do part time job during study in Latvia. Pakistani students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during studies. Students can work on residence permit, they don’t need student work permit in Latvia separately. Most of the job opportunities are available in capital city Riga. If you are studying in other cities of Latvia then finding a student job would be difficult for you. In Riga student can find better jobs in food processing industry, wood products workshops, textiles industries, processed metals industry etc. Riga is an industrial city, so there are more opportunities to find good job. But in other cities you only can do student job like work in restaurant, hotel, food points, bar, cafes, shopping malls, hair salons, beauty parlors or newspaper distribution etc. The minimum wage rate i n Latvia is 2.15 Euro per hour and 4.30 Euros with the full time job. international students in Latvia are only allowed to do 20 Hours per week job which is half of the full time job of 40 Hours a week. By doing student job you can cover some part of your living expenses. Earning from part time job is not sufficient for complete living and studying expenses.

Admissions in Latvia Contact @ +92-333-5558461

LATVIA Tuition Fee – Top Ranking Universities

EaziLine International – Foreign Students Consultancy Services are offering LOW Cost & Economical Universities in Latvia for Pakistani & International Students. These Latvian Universities are mostly Government universities and few of them are private. The Universities we have signed are located in different cities of Latvia. Every University is offering different programs of bachelor , Masters & PHD in English language. That’s why foreign students from almost all the countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway etc. are studying in Latvia. Foreign Pakistani.Indian, Bangladeshi Students from China can also apply Schengen Visa of Latvia from Latvian Embassy Located in Beijing.
We are accepting the students having Minimum B or A Grade Students in HSSC/ICS/ICOM for the good Ratio of Visa by Latvian Embassy. Students having IELTS have good chances to get the visa of Latvia Europe as well.

Our Services Includes ;
  • Admission & Visa Invitation Letter
  • AIC Letter
  • DHL Courier & Translation of Documents
  • Uzbekistan / UAE Visa invitation (for Embassy Interview)
  • Latvia Visa file & Interview preparation
Time Required for Admission & Visa Processing of Latvia EUROPE :

Admission Letter takes about 07-10 Working days. AIC & Invitation letter take about 04 to 06 weeks. Embassy Interview appointment can be scheduled after 1 or 2 months, Visa processing time on passport takes 10 days normally. So We Suggest to apply in Latvia for Study visa at least 04 months before the start of classes.

Payment Policy & Our Service Charges :

Student will pay the Registration fee of University, Tuition Fee, Security Deposit, Accommodation Fee, Travel Insurance, Embassy Fee (~ 350 EURO), Air Tickets by themselves.

  • Admission Application fee = 200 EURO
  • AIC Letter Processing Charges = 500 EURO
  • EaziLine’s Service Charges = 800 EURO to 1000 EURO (According to Selected University)

All the University Fee must be paid in EURO to university, Fee will be Refund if the student’s visa will be Reject by LATVIA’N Embassy according to the policy of University.

Fee Structures of LATVIAN Universities for Pakistani & International Students 2019-2020:

1) Riga Graduate School of Law ( RIGA CITY )

Bachelor Program (English Medium) : Bachelor in Law & Business , Bachelor in Law & Diplomacy
Master Programs (English Medium) : Public Law, International Law & Human Rights, EU Law & Policy, Commercial Law

Riga Graduate School of Law

Bachelor Fee

Master Fee

 Tuition fee  3000 EURO/year  5500 EURO/year
 University Security Deposit (REF)  500 EURO  500 EURO/year
 Total in EURO  3500 EURO/year  6000 EURO/year

2) Latvian Academy of Sports Education ( RIGA CITY ) Founded in 1919

Bachelor Program (English Medium) : Bachelor in Sports Science, Bachelor in Physiotherapy
Master Programs (English Medium) : Sports Science, 2 years Masters in Physiotherapy (healthcare specialist)
PHD Program (3.5 years) = Sports Science

Latvian Academy of Sports Education

Bachelor Fee

Master Fee

 Tuition fee  2200-3200 EURO/year  2000-3000 EURO/year
 University Security Deposit (REF)  500 EURO  500 EURO/year
 Total in EURO  2700-3700 EURO/year  2500-3500 EURO/year

3) Baltic International Academy ( RIGA CITY ) Founded in 1992

Bachelor Program (English Medium) : Bachelor of Hospitality & Tourism Business, Translation & interpreting, Political Science.
Master Programs (English Medium) : 02 years Degree | Social Science , Management & Business Administration

Baltic International Academy

Bachelor Fee

Master Fee

 Tuition fee  1900-2500 EURO/year  2300 EURO/year
 University Security Deposit (REF)  500 EURO  500 EURO/year
 Total in EURO  2400 EURO/year  2800 EURO/year

4) Transport & Telecommunication Institute (TSI University Riga) Founded in 1999

Bachelor Program (English Medium) : Bachelor of Aviation Transport, Computer Science, Economics, Management, Transport & Business Logistics, Telecommunication System & Computer Networks, Electronics, Robotics
Master Programs (English Medium) : 02 years Degree | Information Technology, Management of Information System, Computer Science, Economics, Management, Transport & Logistics, Electronics

TSI University Riga

Bachelor Fee

Master Fee

 Tuition fee  2700-3300 EURO/year  3200-3900 EURO/year
 University Security Deposit (REF)  2700 EURO  3200 EURO/year
 Total in EURO  5400 EURO/year  6400 EURO/year

5) LIEPAJA University ( LIEPAJA CITY ) Founded in 1954

Bachelor Program (English Medium) : Computer Science , IT , European Language & Culture
Master Programs (English Medium) : 02 years Degree | Master of Information Technology, News Media Art, Eco Technologies.

LIEPAJA University

Bachelor Fee

Master Fee

 Tuition fee  2200 EURO/year  2800 EURO/year
 University Security Deposit (REF)  500 EURO  500 EURO/year
 Total in EURO  3200 EURO/year  3300 EURO/year


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