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Tuition Fee = FREE
Hostel Fee = FREE

Application Fee = 800 RMB (120 U$D)
After Admission letter Jw202/Visa letter Charges (One Time only) = 300 U$D
Service Charges (One Time only) = 200 U$D

Student will pay for Residence Permit (450 RMB/year), Medical checkup (500 RMB/year), Insurance (600 RMB/year) every year by themselves.

38 Diploma Programs Available in Chinese Medium for Foreign Students (Limited seats only)

Diploma Duration 1 year Chinese + 3 years Major 

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  1. Numerical Control Technology
  2. Machinery Manufacturing and Automation
  3. Machinery Design and Manufacturing
  4. Maintenance and Management of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
  5. Mold Design and Manufacturing
  6. Application and Maintenance of NC Equipment
  7. Material Forming and Control Engineering
  8. Welding Technology and Automation
  9. Application Technology of Construction Machinery
  10. Logistics Engineering Technology
  11. Inspection and Inspection Technology of Mechanical Products
  12. Mechatronics Technology
  13. Automation Technology of Industrial Process
  14. Electric Automation Technology
  15. Electrical Engineering Technology
  16. NC Equipment Application and Maintenance
  17. Application of Electronic Technique
  18. Power Supply Technology
  19. Intelligent Control Technology
  20. Project Cost
  21. Automotive Maintenance and Detection
  22. Automobile Electronic Technology
  23. New Energy Vehicle Technology
  24. Automobile Marketing and Service
  25. EMU Maintenance Technology
  26. Accounting
  27. Marketing
  28. Logistics Management
  29. Property Management
  30. Business Administration
  31. Construction Economic Management
  32. Computer Application Technology
  33. Digital Media Application Technology
  34. Architectural Animation and Model Making
  35. Product Art Design
  36. Secretary
  37. Large Data Technology and Application
  38. Vietnamese

Admission Procedure, Details & Criteria :

More than 200+ Foreign students from different nationalities Malaysia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Lao, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, South Africa, ASEAN & CIS Country students are studying in different programs of 3 years Diploma. After getting the 3 years Diploma/Degree from YNMEC International students can apply for 2 years bachelor degree in the affiliated & Sisters universities in China and hence can get bachelor degree & Diploma in 3+2 years.

  • According to Ministry of Education China, First year will be Chinese language study and after passing HSK-4 in first year students can enter in diploma program taught in Chinese Medium. YNMEC College will Assist foreign students in English as well.
  • Student should study hard to maintain the scholarship. If one fails 3 course in one semester, the scholarship would be disqualified for next semester.
  • Students must be under the age of 30 years & have Minimum Grade B in Senior high School/A Levels qualified student will be on preference.
  • Students are not permitted to stay in dormitory during the Summer & Winter holidays, Students can go back to their home town to spend their holidays or can rent an apartment/hotel room out side the campus which are not expensive (approx cost 1000 RMB – 1200 RMB per month).

Required Documents to apply !

  • SSC/O Levels/Junior high school document
  • HSSC Mark sheet/A Levels/ Senior high school (10+2) document
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • One photo with white background
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Checkup Report
  • HSK Certificate (if available, not compulsory to apply)

Students can send these Scan documents to our official Email ( ) for Admission procedure.

Our Authorization Letter

For Admissions Contact:

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History & Details Yunnan Vocational College
of Mechanical & Electrical Technology:

The history of running a school can be traced back to the provincial industrial school founded in 1910. Although it has changed its name in historical changes, it has been adhering to the purpose of vocational education. Yunnan Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College was established in July 2004 with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial Government. It was established on the basis of the former Yunnan Machinery Industry School (National Key Technical School) and the Yunnan Provincial Mechanical Technical School (provincial key technical school) to cultivate high manufacturing. Full-time higher vocational colleges with skills and talents as the mainstay. The college is “a provincial model high vocational college” and “national model backbone”. Higher vocational colleges are the second batch of modern apprenticeship pilot projects of the Ministry of Education, and the project units of high-quality vocational colleges in Yunnan Province.

The college is located in Cibah, Panlong District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It used to be a manufacturing complex in Kunming. It has a quiet environment and convenient transportation. It has two campuses, Kunming and Dongchuan. The number of faculty and staff is more than 400, and there are more than 9,000 full-time students, covering an area of ​​623 mu and teaching equipment worth 117,186,600 yuan. The college closely combines the industrial development planning and advanced equipment manufacturing development strategy of Yunnan Province, and has established 5 departments and 2 departments with a total of 41 higher vocational majors, including CNC technology, electrical automation technology, welding technology and automation, product design and design. The automobile inspection and maintenance technology major is the key construction specialty supported by the central government; the Mechatronics technology, automotive electronics technology, building electrical engineering technology, marketing is the provincial key specialty; numerical control technology, electrical automation technology, welding technology and automation Professional is a provincial specialty. The college closely follows the needs of Yunnan’s social development, adding new aircraft mechanics maintenance, aircraft component repair, new energy vehicle technology, avionics and electrical technology, EMU maintenance, intelligent control technology, big data technology and applications.

The school has outstanding academic characteristics, professional construction and industry development are closely integrated, talent training and enterprise are closely integrated, adhere to the service as the purpose, employment-oriented, the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and the implementation of academic credentials and professional qualifications. The certificate “double-certificate system” and “multi-certificate system” training mechanism strengthen students’ vocational skills training; take “Lide-de-tree people” as the foundation, attach importance to students’ ideological and political work, and advocate “opening things, being fair-minded” The school spirit pays attention to the cultivation of students. The students are highly praised by the employers for their high comprehensive quality and strong hands-on ability. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 97% for five consecutive years, and has been awarded the “Advanced Collective for Employment” by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education for many years. In 2012, it was awarded the honorary title of “Top Ten Employment” in the province. In 2015, it was awarded the “First Prize for the Responsibility Assessment of College Graduates Employment and Entrepreneurship” and the “Excellent Organization Award for Campus Recruitment Activities for College Graduates”. The college actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” initiative, conducts international exchanges and cooperation, and sends students to study and employment in the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and other countries, and recruits international students for Southeast Asian countries.

Yunnan Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College takes “responsibility” as the guide, and builds the spirit of “respecting the new and self-improvement”; establishing the school motto “to do the best, to perform the skills”; to “open the things, the virtues are good” The fashion is committed to cultivating high-skilled talents for Yunnan’s economic and social development and enjoys a good social reputation. He has been awarded the honorary title of “Yunnan Civilized School”, “Huang Yanpei Excellent School”, “Yunnan Higher Vocational Education Excellent School” and “Kunming Peace Construction Unit”, and was praised as ““Yunnan Vocational Education” by Yunnan Daily. Leading soldiers.” Teachers and students have won the top spot in the province’s skill competition organized by Yunnan Province and participated in the National Skills Competition on behalf of Yunnan Province. After years of hard work, the college has become an important base for the training of high-skilled talents in Yunnan electromechanical, Yunnan Electromechanical Technology Training and Appraisal Center, Yunnan Electromechanical Industry New Technology Development and Application Promotion Service Center, which is based in Yunnan, facing the whole country, radiating Southeast Asia. First-class vocational colleges.

Welcome to Beautiful City Kunming, Yunnan PRC.